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Larry June and Cardo continue their dominance on new single “In My Pockets”

What was a moment that changed your life forever? Was it the birth of your child? Perhaps your wedding day? Life can unexpectedly change at a moment’s notice — altering the trajectory of your growth in ways that, at one point, you would never have been able to anticipate. For some of us, that moment was when Bay Area favorite Larry June and producing-powerhouse Cardo Got Wings collaborated on their epic 2020 project Cruise Usa.

Ever since then, every release from the dynamic duo has been just as impactful. This weekend, June added another gem to his already adored catalog. Continuing his chokehold on 2022, Larry’s return to us this week came in the form of the Cardo-assisted “In My Pockets,” another ambient and cinematic display of hip-hop mastery.

In addition to being one of the most quotable people in hip-hop, Larry June is also one of the most versatile. Utilizing what is perhaps the most widescreen music video humanly possible, directed by LX, “In My Pockets” is more than just a Cardo-approved dose of Bay Area ingenuity.

The track is yet another showcasing of Larry June’s effortless ability to write clever lines and dominate any beat. Whether he’s delivering laid-back bars about his peers clout-chasing or the looming effect of lost love, few can move the needle like Uncle Larry.

With every release, Larry June builds a stronger case for his spot in the pantheon of Bay Area hip-hop legends. Synthesizing his own unique take on Bay Area hip-hop’s timeless bounce with his enviable charisma and wisdom, few are doing it quite like Larry June.

Could another collaborative tape between Larry and Cardo be right around the corner? Only time will tell. But, if “In My Pockets” is a harbinger of things to come, fans will be eating well for the rest of the year.

Check out “In My Pockets” by Larry June below!