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Lil Dicky releases fan favorite track ‘We Good’ from hit show ‘Dave’

Four months removed from its premiere on FX’s hit series Dave, creator and star Lil Dicky (Dave Burd) finally released the season two finale track ‘We Good’ with co-star and burgeoning rapper GaTa.

In the show, Dicky and GaTa cap off Dave’s second season with a bang — coming together for an emotional performance of “We Good” at MTV’s Video Music Awards (VMAs). The original version of the song included just the first verse, hook and part of the second verse, while the official released version includes the end of the second verse and an outro that features a conversation between the pair.

“We Good” served as a big milestone for Dave —who plays a version of himself under his real name Dave Burd — sharing his platform to help his friend and hype man GaTa get the exposure he rightfully deserves. Earlier in the episode, the two come at odds when GaTa confronts Burd for using him as a way to gain clout, putting their friendship on the back burner.

“We Good’s” simplistic hard-hitting percussion and punchy melodies allow Dicky and GaTa to trade bars back and forth seamlessly — detailing their faults before the other assures them that they’re “good.” The chorus is simple yet infectious as Dicky lets everyone know that they’re “so good it hurts so bad.”

They hear my dreams, they like: “no way”

I don’t change even when I’m in my own way

You good, bro?

I don’t treat my friends right

Fuck it if I’m wrong, if my pen write

You good, bro

Always looking for an angle ’til I’m square though

I’m not always right over here, bro

Lil Dicky, Gata — “We Good”

Originally setting out to become the next “Kanye West,” Burd’s character evidently made his mark in the comedic-rap lane in the first season of Dave. Loosely mirroring the success Dicky garnered in real life — touting hits with Fetty Wap, Chris Brown and others — season one explored Burd’s experiences in rap, collaborating with Taco from Odd Future, watching Trippie Redd’s nephew and a plethora of other interestingly comedic situations.

While Burd’s career slowly took off, the people around started to see their successes flourish. Season two focuses on these relationships affecting Burd’s well-being and noticeably clouding his judgment as a creative. Trying to establish himself with a “perfect” debut album — which he struggles to complete — Dicky’s problems are eventually met with a project that failed to meet expectations, however, makes the most of it and pushes onward.

There has been no official word on the third season of Dave quite yet, but viewers should expect a third season after great viewership numbers over the first two years. In 2020 it averaged 4.8 million viewers an episode across FX and Hulu.

Stream Lil Dicky’s and GaTa’s single ‘We Good’ below.