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Lil Gnar gives himself a new nickname on ‘Stick Baby’

Lil Gnar continues to ascend as one of the new wave’s most h serrated talents. Showcasing a robust track presence over an eclectic selection of beats, Gnar isn’t a newcomer by any means within this soundscape — as his ability to curate a story within a sound needs higher praises Ali gay the masses.

Now, Gnar looks to bolster his appeal in the underground by releasing his new track “Stick Baby — a bouncy single with classic Lil Gnar energy.

Gnar opens with a hilarious hook, jumping in with “That choppa hittin’ his ass, call it Lil Nas X” before telling his fans to call him “Stick Baby.” The tropical instrumental fits his nonchalant delivery perfectly as he gives us consistent flows and punchlines.

His latest collaboration prior to this drop was “Not Your Speed” with Smokepurpp, a synth-fueled banger filled with prominent percussion and entertaining visuals. Purpp and Gnar both lay down clean vocals on the ethereal instrumental as the pair’s chemistry is evidently off the charts.

Lil Gnar has been a part of stellar collaborations with Ski Mask the Slump God, Chief Keef, Trippie Redd and Lil Skies as well as a handful of solo tracks this year, potentially in preparation for a full-length project in the near future.

His ability to keep up with some of our favorite artists while staying consistent on his own has seemingly shown through in his music throughout his career. As Gnar looks to keep his momentum going, time will only tell when the Atlanta-bred skateboarder turned designer-rapper will bless his fan base with new heat.

Listen to ‘Stick Baby’ by Lil Gnar below!