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Lil Peep’s mother fights late-rapper’s label for $4 million

Fans of Lil Peep were devastated in November 2017 when the news of his passing initially hit.

It seems that even four years later, the emo-rap pioneer’s death is a point of controversy as his mother, Liza Womack, is taking his former label to court.

Womack has made claims that First Access Entertainment, Peep’s former label, is withholding $4 million in royalties from his estate. Back in 2019, Womack attempted to pursue a wrongful death lawsuit against FAE following an investigative report from Rolling Stone on Sept. 28.

Since filing that suit, Womack looks to separate the financial and criminal aspects of FAE’s role in the passing of her son. She claims that the label actively supported Peep’s detrimental drug habit to the point of death, supplying him with narcotics in order to appease the troubled star.

FAE delayed the impending suit by counter-suing Womack over allegedly selling merchandise bearing Lil Peep’s likeness without their permission. This action led to even more legal action from Womack, who believes that there has been a “cover-up” by the upper management at the label.

While FAE continues to state that there is no need for a speedier trial, Womack’s lawyer has concerns that they have misused the funds owed to Peep’s estate and will likely continue to do so. The judge in the case understands that despite the lengthy procedures regarding the wrongful death tort, the financial side of things can and should be resolved quickly.

Judge Teresa Beaudet agreed to let Womack split the case as long as her lawyer presents a motion by the upcoming October 12 hearing. Hopefully this case can be resolved as soon as possible and Lil Peep’s name can continue to peacefully live on in his music.

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