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Lucki is back with new single, video “Meet Me There”

On April 1, your favorite underground rapper’s favorite rapper Lucki dropped his latest single “Meet Me There.” Unbothered by rising and falling trends or swirling unsolicited opinions, Lucki is a fringe-star who unapologetically lives in a world of his own — and this new single is an open invitation to meet him there.

Easily one of the most unique and prolific artists to have risen out of the underground, Lucki’s star power is quickly rising as more and more people acquire the taste for his mesmerizing, half-awake flows. His intensely chill approach is on full display across “Meet Me There,” half-rapping and half-chanting introspective drug-infused bars over unusual ethereal production (prod by Brent Rambo).

As always, there is something confusing but also hugely compelling and authentic about the way Tune (Lucki) fluctuates between hyper confidence and self-doubt — frequently weaving together overt brags with surprisingly critical self-observations sometimes bordering on confessions, almost as if to beat any potential critics to the punch. Equally paradoxical is his delivery, which somehow comes across as energetic amid his woozy flows and understated cadence. Combined with his distinct ear for out-of-the-box production, the end result is a truly one-of-a-kind package that is uniquely catchy, thoughtful, self-aware and really unlike anything that can be found anywhere else.

The video for “Meet Me There” — directed by Lucki’s go-to visual director and all-encompassing creative, Lonewolf — opens with a vlog-style shot of Tune proclaiming his self-made millionaire status before the beat drops and transitions into a VFX-heavy run-and-gun. Featuring many of his favorite things in styrofoam cups, exclusive streetwear, recording studios and of course, the now-mandatory shots of his vehicle showcasing his love for big-horsepower SUVs, the visual is interspersed with clips from what appears to be a recent tour stop in New York. Lonewolf’s eye-catching creative vision in both the visual and cover art mirrors his compelling abstract collage-style seen throughout many of Lucki’s recent releases.

“Meet Me There” comes on the heels of Lucki’s latest drop, the incredibly well-received “Super Urus” — another single flaunting his affection for sport utility vehicles. With nearly 4 million Spotify streams and over 1.6 million views on the Lonewolf-directed visual since it dropped in February. Bolstering the overwhelming demand for Lucki — even after the recent release of his masterful F1lthy-produced WAKE UP LUCKI project in December — tracks like “U.G.K”, “2019” and “Where I Be” all greatly contribute the underground king’s skin in the game.

While Lucki’s hyper-stylized sound might not be for everyone, his originality, authentic creativity and outsized impact on the current culture cannot be overlooked. Unconcerned with anyone’s thoughts on his on or off-field activities, Tune is busy living by his own rules and building his own (increasingly popular) world — and it’s entirely up to the listener if they want to meet him there.

Watch the video for Lucki’s “Meet Me There” below