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MadeinTYO sheds his roots on new album ‘NEO TYO’

MadeinTYO proudly stands amongst the SoundCloud era’s greatest graduates.

Reaching acclaim not only due to monumental hits like “Uber Everywhere” and “Skateboard P” — ultimately setting a mold for the next generation of hitmakers to be discovered — but because he never lost touch with his unique style, gradually evolving with each successive project.

2021’s Yokohama with UnoTheActivist was proof of that, leaning more towards Uno’s aggressive vocal cadence atop similarly abrasive instrumentals. After an album-less 2022, MadeinTYO is back with NEO TYO — and it’s a crisp mix of his trademark, laid-back flows and new wave production from some of hip-hop’s most exciting producers.

With no song peaking over three minutes, the 12-track tape sits at just under 30 minutes, but feels like a remastered trip down memory lane. MadeinTYO was rarely heard singing as much as he was rapping. But there are a few tracks, namely “Savannah Sunset,” that have laced his discography and proved him to be more than a worth R&B artist. This is how NEO TYO starts off; A well-sequenced introduction that leads into more hard-hitting, head-bopping tracks.

After the PoloBoyShawty-produced “Jazzy” comes the shift into rage territory, as the Ginseng-produced “Stunt” features UnoTheActivist in what has to be the most surprising track of the year so far. The excitement only continues with more familiar features and production, like Famous Dex absolutely sliding atop the sonically vintage “Carrying Cash $” and the always in-sync duo of MadeinTYO and K-Swisha on “Na fr.”

As the album comes to a close, the introspective and experimental “Thinking to Myself” finds the rapper sounding akin to J. Cole amid sample-fueled production, as he sheds years of emotional baggage. Feeling the motivation behind everything from the varying vocal stylings to the purposeful sequencing, NEO TYO defintiely deserves your time to tune in.

Check out NEO TYO below!

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