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Mavi’s ‘Baking Soda’ leads in sophomore LP ‘Laughing So Hard, It Hurts’

After years of reflecting and rapping, it seems as though Mavi is about to ascend right before our eyes.

Following his debut album, Let The Sun Talk, in 2019, the North Carolina native has been steadily rising to prominence since he was featured on Earl Sweatshirt’s FEET OF CLAY. Holding over fans with his EP, END OF THE EARTH, in February, Mavi is already Laughing So Hard, It Hurts on his way to stardom — he announced his sophomore album by way of its lead single “Baking Soda” (Sept. 16).

A few weeks after the release of the lead single, Mavi hasn’t missed a beat as he shares the self-reflective single “Doves” (Sept. 30).

Set for release on Oct. 14, LSHIH looks to peer deeper into Mavi’s artistry, as “Baking Soda” and his latest effort “Doves” surround both the light and dark moments he’s endured — tackling everything all at once.

Produced by the ultra-talented Monte Booker — who spearheads the collective Zero Fatigue alongside Smino — “Baking Soda” is an earnest retelling of the obstacles and opportunities that line the walls of Mavi’s life. His emotions bleed through the track which ultimately cleanse his melancholy flow that compliments the slowed-production.

I been gave my soul away to the drum I’ma live forever

We ain’t come from gold spoons but gold chains, my n-s’ clever

She say we either on drugs or need to be

Which is better?

She was already gone fore I could see she ain’t get the letter

Mavi – “Baking Soda”

Mavi is embedded in his music so much that his soul seemingly lives forever through it. He details a conversation in which he is asked if it is better to be “on drugs or need to be.” This, in turn, is a hard question to answer. Some people are on drugs by choice, while others may need it to function properly. It’s a hex on the two-sided spectrum Mavi presents, further painting his perspective in the track’s coinciding visual.

While “Baking Soda” explores his light and dark moments, “Doves” is the self-reflection from these moments – asking himself the question “What have I learned?” in the chorus.

I been flying high above for years

I must admit these wings of mine hurt

Now, what have I learned?

What have I learned?

Mavi – Doves

Self-reflection can be a tough thing to do in that some people can’t face the reality of reaping what they’ve sewn and taking accountability for their actions. A concept Mavi seems to have a grasp on this as he details his shortcomings of “drinkin’ under the table” though he is supposed to quit.

Overall, Mavi is proving to be a force to be reckoned with in his space. Continuing to raise his visibility and popularity with each new effort, “Baking Soda” overwhelmingly clears any doubt of his budding star power.

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Check out Mavi and Monte Booker’s “Baking Soda” below!