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Max Volante embarks on new era with ‘lust & found <3'

There is a chance you have heard of Max Volante before, but you have never experienced him quite like this.

After building out his catalog over the last few years, it is clear Max has found the sound he has been searching for with “lust & found <3.” Arriving at an amalgamation of sounds unlike ever before, blending everything from the melodic structures of Freddie Mercury with the more modern sounds of 808s and pitched up vocals, he embarks on a winding journey not just sonically, but through his mind.

Kicked off with a slow building instrumental, Max holds back nothing on the entirely self-produced track. With each verse, he and his love interest become more and more intimate, slowly becoming enamored with one another and seemingly starting anew as he emphatically sings, “Burn what you know to the ground.” Recurring electric guitar provides blissful nodes as Max sweetly sings, “Let it all go / Kiss me for now / Ready or not / It’s goin’ down,” before a slower paced verse sees the track out.

As he builds towards an EP later this year, expect the unexpected to come with Max Volante.

Listen to ‘lust & found <3’ by Max Volante below!