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Meet Prentiss: a 14-year-old phenom with impressive co-signs

At age 14, most kids worry about their homework for the next day or leveling up in a video game. However, that isn’t the case for Prentiss, as he continues to grow his unique sound with each new release.

The Mississippi-based singer/rapper definitely has a distinctive voice, singing grungy love-torn pop songs in higher pitches than most. Primarily noticed for his wavy and infectious cut “October,” he showcases his fondness for pop-punk by incorporating live guitar and acoustic drums — citing blink-182 as one of his influences.

Penning a record deal with Cinematic Music Group soon after “October’s” release, his vulnerable lyrics and catchy melodies caught the ears of big names in Justin Bieber, The Kid Laroi, Swae Lee and more.

With only eight released songs, he’s collected over 65,000 Spotify monthly listeners and is well on his way to more. Adding boosts in co-signs from Laroi and Bieber, he seems to be a genuine talent in the making. After all, if anyone could understand Prentiss’ plights as a 14-year-old rising artist, it’s them — also earning their shots at the exact same age as Prentiss.

Prentiss’ latest single “thrill of it” (June 23) depicts him confiding in his love interest, pleading her to accept him for who he is and hoping she doesn’t walk away. He belts effortlessly over punchy drums and hazy guitar loops, as his sound feels like hyperpop, but it isn’t.

Yet, he sings emotionally at the center of it all — channeling cadences reminiscent of early Lil Peep over blended pop-punk production. Although there’s still much more to achieve in his young career, he’s certainly at an advantage to succeed. Already equipped with thousands of fans and an underground hit, Prentiss is poised to become a staple in new wave pop sooner rather than later.

Check out Prentiss’ top tracks below!