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Meet Rowboat, Channel 5’s latest musical guest

Channel 5’s Andrew Callaghan is taking a backseat from his reporting to put on his most recent recurring characters.

After introducing the world to the viral sensation Crip Mac, Andrew is back to host debut visuals for Rowboat and Lil Xay — two teens he met at Hive Music Festival 2021 in Utah. The prominent YouTube channel is known for their unorthodox coverage of society’s lesser known demographics.

Following appearances from Zillakami, bbno$, Yung Gravy, OhGeesy and more, the adolescent duo gave viewers the one thing Andrew has had a difficult time finding in previous videos — quality rapping. After spitting over XXXTentacion’s “Look At Me!” instrumental, Rowboat revealed his tragic backstory involving poverty and abuse.

Turns out the verse Rowboat spit on Channel 5 was actually from his song with Lil Xay titled “Clap That,” a punchy banger with eccentric flows to match. Despite their relatively small following, the video is well on its way to a million views —partially due to Channel 5’s influence. The song itself is catchy and the kids clearly care about their craft as they weave clever bars into their speedy deliveries.

Clap that in the snapback, [ratkeep]
Then the slap bitch, stop it, ain’t gone start shit
And the slime that I rock ‘wit, super toxic
Box him like the oxy’s yeah you know we poppin’

Rowboat — “Clap That”

Andrew is no stranger to the music industry, sharing guests such as the Hoff Twins and Crip Mac with prominent hip-hop news outlet No Jumper. Seeing how effortlessly he managed to garner such an interesting cast of characters, he is clearly embedded enough in the culture to continue contributing to the music scene.

This music video marks the first step in Andrew’s latest Channel 5 venture as fans wait and see what’s in store from YouTube’s most unpredictable news outlet.

Check out “Clap That” by Rowboat & Lil Xay below!