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Atlanta rapper Mercury & feardorian release new EP ‘fear mercury

Few stars in hip-hop’s rising scene have shined as bright as Mercury this year, as the young artist is showing no sign of slowing down anytime soon. This month Mercury and producer-powerhouse feardorian joined forces on fear mercury (Dec. 7) — a four-track EP filled with forward-thinking plugg energy and palpable charisma.

fear mercury isn’t the first time that fans have seen Merc and dorian work together, as the two linked in November on the “Bohemian Rhapsody”-inspired banger “Freddie.” For their new offering, listeners are treated to four brand-new tracks that have the versatility to switch from the futuristic abrasion of “wyha” to the SALIMATA-assisted “doublecup” like nothing.

The new EP picks up right where Mercury’s last project tabula rasa left off, as the opener “needalight” is a fast-paced and hypnotic anthem that’s somehow both energetic and laid-back. Merc’s lofty vocals and near-psychadelic sound continue onto “doublecup”, a hazy and cinematic banger that sees the Atlanta-via-Memphis artist’s futuristic plugg style synthesize with feardorian’s drill percussion and ambient production. SALIMATA’s hard-hitting guest appearence cuts through the dreamlike fog like a beam of light — contributing to one of many high moments found across this EP’s barely 7-minute runtime.

While the dulcet “chris” may sound like a combination of the two tracks that precede it, “wyha” sees Mercury and feardorian taking risks on a track whose clever writing is just as infectious as it is understated.

With multiple projects released in 2022, Mercury has consistently proven herself to be deserving of fans’ undivided attention. With 2023 right around the corner, hopefully, listeners will have another project to look forward to sooner rather than later.

Check out ‘fear mercury’ by Mercury and feardorian below!