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Mick Jenkins speaks on the ‘Elephant In The Room’ on new album

While Mick Jenkins has been a staple of lyrical hip-hop since the early 2010s, his third studio project, Elephant In The Room, addresses the style of hip-hop that listeners will forever cherish.

Heading into its release, Mick shared a statement on his mentality going into dropping an immaculately vulnerable album — posting the following quote on his website:

“This album is an attempt to address various unspoken personal and/or general truths. And how they have affected me and can affect those around me. From my estranged relationship with my father to friendships that don’t feel the same anymore to the even more basic idea of acknowledging that I need help. We become accustomed to allowing none progressive qualities and truths to occupy so much space in our lives simply by ignoring them, or ignoring them despite them being right in our faces! I intend to face several of those dormant issues/topics head-ons in the hopes that others can, at the very least, identify with the spaces I’ve grown from.”

– Mick Jenkins

With strategically-placed features from Ben Hixon, Ayinde Cartman, serpentwithfeet and Greensllime, the project is complete with 12 tracks of solid bars and clean production overall. Visuals from Mick Jenkins have been a rarity over the last several years, with only two music videos accompanying this project. The video for “Contacts” depicts Mick making an escape as a different version of himself attempts to murder him.

The cinematic production of “Truffles” shows the Chicago lyricist witnessing gentrification in his neighborhood before his very eyes, as each of the staples of his block are replaced one by one. The aggressive track summarizes his frustration with the changes to his childhood home and the memories attached to it.

His appearances on tracks with Ravi, Casey Veggies, TOBi and more have made for a diverse collection of tracks in 2021. However, Mick Jenkins achieves an unthinkable amount of depth, prosperity and lyrical ability stemming from adversity in its truest form. Addressing the “Elephant In The Room,” Jenkins is both sharp and profound speaking on the many controversial topics surrounding the record. All in all, this is a must-listen project.

Listen to ‘Elephant In The Room’ by Mick Jenkins below!