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Montana of 300 is truly a ‘Rap God’ on his latest effort

After a two-year drought of no albums from Montana of 300, the Chi-town legend is finally back in full force.

Simply put, Montana kicked off 2022 with some straight fire, dropping his new album Rap God which consists of 25 tracks, multiple features and sits at just under two hours long. Rap God, believe it or not, wholeheartedly showcases Montana’s lyrical and storytelling capabilities — sprinkling clever bars and catchy hooks all throughout the album.

Although the album is a massive 25 tracks — with the average song sitting at a whopping four minutes and 26 seconds — the project is definitely worth listening to as 2022 kicks off. In each song, Montana injects an abundance of energy and personality, giving each song their utmost flavor and gifting fans with the ultimate listening experience.

Check out Montana of 300’s ‘Rap God’ below!

Montana Of 300 exits 2021 dancing on new track ‘The Last Dance’

Montana of 300 left 2021 with one last banger. The Chicago native delivered a new track and visual titled “The Last Dance” which sits at an impressive four and a half minutes long.

“The Last Dance” is the lead single off Montana’s upcoming album Rap God on Jan. 6, and has been heavily promoted across Montana’s social media platforms.

“The Last Dance” is truly something special. Montana tells a few tales and speaks volumes to his aggressive cadence while showcasing his rapping and storytelling abilities. The song is filled with impressive lyricism and clever bars referencing his Chicago life and the things going on in it.

You see me in da hood, grippin that metal, ain’t no jumper cables I spark shit

I’ll put holes in the cart that he pushing and turn it to red he ain’t shoppin at target

Check him out take his ass off the market

No paint job when I spray and his car flip

N*ggas thought they was cool, till I turned up and blew got da airing dat whip like the car vent

Montana of 300 – “The Last Dance”

The accompanying visuals for “The Last Dance” display Montana going bar-for-bar in an empty, dimly lit room. He’s seen kicking it with his friends throughout the video, as well as rapping on the hood of his car.

“The Last Dance” was a perfect way to end 2021 and an even better way to kick off 2022 for the Chicago legend.

As we are just days away from the release of his 25-song project Rap God, be sure to keep a lookout for more news, teases, and snippets from the project here at OGM.

Until then, stream “The Last Dance” below!