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Nardwuar stuns J. Cole in highly-anticipated interview

Two years since Canadian music journalist and popular YouTube personality Nardwuar ran into J. Cole at Day N Vegas festival — where Cole famously turned down the human serviette’s request — the Dreamville head honcho evidently made due on his promise.

Finally landing a date with J. Cole, Nardwuar certainly did not disappoint this time around. Uploading the interview Christmas Day, this years-long interview was well worth the wait, leaving the Off-season emcee bewildered and speechless throughout. Taking place on Dec. 9 at Windmark Recording Studio, Nardwuar first spoke with J. Cole in 2011 — using his FBI-level research to stun Cole for 10 years’ worth of content.

Catching up with Cole for nearly an hour long conversation, Nardwuar’s interview style is truly a sight to behold. Over the years, he’s continued to surprise interviewees with the information — and gifts — he’s able to obtain, stunning Cole a handful of times throughout the conversation.

At one point, Nard blew Cole’s mind by bringing up the fact that the studio they were in was where Cole recorded a track on 2014 Forest Hills Drive — which happened to drop seven years ago on the date of the interview (Dec. 9). “That’s crazy, I’m just realizing that right now,” he said. “This is on some synchronization, God, type level. That’s crazy.”

Similarly, Nard also asked if J. Cole told Dr. Dre to sign Kendrick Lamar when he first was coming up, as Cole’s facial expressions displayed both confusion and awe as he replied: “who told you that? Who gave you that piece of information?”

Along with revealing J. Cole’s first rap name “The Therapist,” sharing rare 45s that he sampled back in the day and discussing the North Carolina emcee’s origins, Nardwuar takes viewers on a deep dive into never-before-heard anecdotes about Cole’s come-up and more.

Watch the full interview below!