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NAV returns to form on ‘Lately’ ahead of next album, NAV 2

NAV has always been about the fans.

Whether it be through dropping monumental collaborative tracks like “Never Sleep” and “Turks” or his plethora of jam-packed albums, the Toronto rapper hasn’t taken his foot off the gas since his breakout self-titled debut album, NAV (2017).

Leading up to the release of the self-titled — and self-produced — sequel, NAV 2, comes the lead single off the album, with “Lately” (Feb. 10) showing Nav going back to his calmer R&B roots — infusing some dancehall groove and draping layers of musical nuance into the Ontario native’s signature sound.

It’s been some time since we’ve heard the somber side of NAV, at least to this extent. Aware of his exponential success, he knows that his lifestyle is hard to keep up with. Even if his significant other(s) want to stay along for the ride, sometimes solitude is the only way to stay sane and content with the road he’s paved for himself over the past half-decade.

Lately, I just wanna be by myself

I can’t hold it in, it’s burnin’ (Burnin’)

I’m the only one that’s earnin’

So let me do what I want (Yeah)

“Lately” — NAV

A keen callback to “Myself,” NAV recognizes how important his first album was for many die-hard fans, and “Lately” feels like relaxing in your college apartment years after graduation; the nostalgia hits, but it’s not the same as you remember it. You’ve grown up and matured, and NAV’s constantly evolving sound proves that we aren’t the only ones.

NAV is embarking on a nationwide tour following the single’s release, bringing SoFaygo and RealestK along for the ride. Find tour dates and tickets HERE.

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Listen to “Lately” below!

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