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North Ave Jax drops off new single, video ‘The Fall’

North Ave Jax has been quietly rising as one of the most underrated singer-rappers at the cusp of a breakthrough. The 20-year-old Vermont vocalist has not only been catching the ears of underground fans, but labels as well – snagging a deal with LVRN and partnering with Zack Bia’s Field Trip Recordings.

Sitting at over 27,000 Spotify monthly listeners, Jax has also earned himself nearly 5,000 SoundCloud followers and over two million total plays — due to the popularity of tracks in “2 High 2 Speak,” “Play Dumb” and “Eastside.” Now, North Ave Jax continues to add to his already impressive discography with his new single and video for “The Fall.

“The Fall” is an emotionally-driven, narrative cut that sees Jax take his personal experiences and combine them with his musical talents for something truly special. While the song is a heartfelt story about traumatic events that Jax went through, his pristine flow and effortless ability to create soothing melodies make listeners feel for the young crooner. Backed by a warping sample and grimy 808s, Jax speaks on the “dark clouds” that constantly hover over him.

Dark clouds, traumatized, revenge is my obsession

I know I’m no good for you, but, baby, you my blessing

I fell, I fell for your love, it’s no question

You could really leave me weak, you by my side 24/7

“The Fall” – North Ave Jax

The music video for “The Fall” showcases Jax going through an emotional rollercoaster with his significant other. He appears agitated throughout the visual and cools off by going on a solo cruise and hitting a convenience store for some junk food therapy. Luckily, Jax calms himself and links with his significant other for a 6 a.m. sunrise meet-up.

With ear-worming vocals and versatile sonic abilities, it’s safe to say that there’s much more in store for North Ave Jax.

Watch and listen to “The Fall” below!