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Odetari shares debut EP ‘XIII SORROWS’ featuring JELEEL!, 6arelyhuman, Cade Clair

Houston viral sensation Odetari is quickly rising to prominence as he fearlessly pushes the boundaries of what Dance music is.

Now with the release of his debut EP XIII SORROWS (Sep. 13), Odetari is further proving his star-power with an ecstatic project entirely written and produced by himself along with features from JELEEL!, 6arelyhuman & Cade Clair.

What feels like an overnight success to many is the result of working over a decade and perfecting his craft – going from getting laid off as a substitute high school teacher earlier this year to the number 1 spot on Billboard’s Hot Dance/Electronic Songs Producers.

Shortly after being laid off, Odeatri shifted his focus to music and it was then when his life changed for the better as he released his viral single “GOOD LOYAL THOTS” amassing over 10,000 TikTok creates in less than 24 hours and currently sits at a over 100 millions steams on Spotify.

Despite residing in Houston, the birth place of chopped ‘n’ screwed music, XIII SORROWS feels more like ecstasy than lean – combining elements of Rap and Dance in the production along with his irresistible hooks, Odetari effortlessly embodies the ever growing electronic sound.

XII SORROWS is the culmination of singles Odetari has previously released with the top four “GOOD LOYAL THOTS,” “NARCISSISTIC PERSONALITY DISORDER,” “LOOK DON’T TOUCH,” and “GMFU” gaining over 300 million streams on Spotify alone – “GMFU” was accompanied with the release of his first music video feating 6arelyhuman.

He’s dubbed his sound as ODECORE, expressing that it is a feeling rather than a genre with Billboard going on to describe it as “hectic, woozy and strange, altogether giving a feeling like being at a rave happening inside the internet.”

Odetari takes the listener on an exhilarating journey that embodies the spirit of the new generation as he showcases his ability to blend nostalgia with imagination, carrying Houston’s rich musical history by breaking new ground and redefining the possibilities of contemporary music.

Listen to XIII SORROWS below!