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OGM Vlog: Sin City release party, PSYCHWORLD show cut short by LAPD

Underground hip-hop shows have been crazy to say the least. As COVID-19 restrictions have ceased, OGM’s Hakeem Rowe not only met up with some familiar faces at Ski Mask’s album release party, but also attended PSYCHWORLD’s live show in LA on June 25.

Ski Mask the Slump God dropped his highly-anticipated mixtape, Sin City, last weekend and celebrated with some high-profile friends for the release party. Mike Dean, Danny Towers, Cole Bennett, Lil Mosey and others made appearances to support Ski in his endeavors. To start off the evening, Hakeem mingles with the man of the hour and OGM regulars in Matt Ox and KA$HDAMI.

After the release, the team heads to the PSYCHWORLD show, hosted by Lancey Foux. Packed to the brim, the venue is littered with fans ready to party with some of the underground up-and-comers. On the way in, Madeintyo can be seen kicking it for pics before the show. Matt Ox and KA$HDAMI are seen joining SSGKobe for a photo as the event begins to commence.

As the show begins, fans make it apparent that they are desperate for the action — attempting to bust down doors and even jumping over barbed wire fences. Things start to get too crazy and it seems as though the event won’t be able to go on as scheduled.

Rowe details his loss of hope, however, he’s proved wrong as the show is commences despite its rough opening. SSGKobe starts off with an energetic performances of his recent catalogue, showcasing “Calabasas” featuring $NOT. Matt Ox soon joins him, upping the energy even further.

Kobe is then joined by Bktherula, an enthusiastic female rapper who raps some of her fan favorites before finishing her set with a hilarious freestyle. Her performance is followed up by KA$HDAMI, who dives headfirst into the crowd midway.

Unfortunately, the show built up so much energy that it reached the attention of LAPD, who promptly shut it down. Rowe catches up with Madeintyo on his way out, talking to fans as the night slows down.

On the roof outside, Lil Tracy and Smokeasac can be seen smoking a blunt as Rowe takes his final moments of the night to talk to the pair about their upcoming body of work — which they say is almost complete.

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