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Our Generation’s favorite lyrics on ‘Donda’

At long last, we finally have Kanye West’s tenth studio album Donda. Released this morning (Aug. 29), Donda‘s 27 songs are loaded with intriguing religious praises, classic brash Kanye quirks and stellar feature verses. Here is our 30 favorite bars on the project:

Donda, Donda, Donda, Donda, Donda, Donda

Syleena Johnson on “Donda Chant”

Syleena Johnson famously sung the hook on Kanye’s 2004 smash hit “All Falls Down.”

Made in the image of God, that’s a selfie

JAY-Z on “Jail”

Fans feared JAY-Z’s verse was taken off of “Jail” after it did not appear in West’s most recent listening party this past week. But amazingly, the Throne is back.

I just want my problems to fade away (Uh)

Man, I’m tired of ****, I need Gatorade

Fivio Foreign on “Off The Grid”

I got this God power, that’s my leverages

I got this Holy Water, that’s my beverages

Kanye West on “Off The Grid”

Prior listening parties included only Fivio’s elite, long-winded verse on “Off The Grid,” but the most recent one saw Kanye add an equally impressive verse of his own to the track.

The devil my opp

Kanye West on “Praise God”

Kanye’s devout Christian lifestyle, first cemented on his 2019 album JESUS IS KING, remains relevant on Donda.

Bada the bada the boom, I bada the boom, I bada the bing

Baby Keem on “Praise God”

Baby Keem is on top of the world this week, with collaborations with hip-hop legends Kendrick Lamar and Kanye West, so he can do and say whatever he wants.

Kanye and Jay still brothers, they both billionaires

Lil Durk on “Jonah”

Like we said, the Throne is back.

Double cup filled to the top with the serenity juice (Yessir)

Moment of silence, R.I.P to Juice (Yeah, hey)

Lil Yachty on “Ok Ok”

Rest In Peace Juice WRLD indeed.

Better find God ‘fore He find me

Tell the devil good night, go to sleep

Kanye West on “Junya”

Kanye really cannot stand the devil.

Man, it’s too early

What the hell you doin’ wakin’ me up at 5:30?

Kanye West on “Believe What I Say”

This bar is particularly hilarious since Donda released at 5 am PST. So, Kanye was in fact the one waking people up that early.

I wanna go to the moon, don’t leave so soon

Don Toliver on “Moon”

Don’s delivery of this hook is angelic, plain and simple.

Devil, lay down, Devil, lay down

This that level, make devils pray now

Kanye West on “Heaven and Hell”

The anti-devil vendetta is strong.

I am my son’s mother

Donda West on “Donda”

This album or Kanye West would not exist without this woman.

Hundred-round drum didn’t jam when my shooter tried to spray it, thank God

Westside Gunn on “Keep My Spirit Alive”

Griselda rapper keeps it spiritual while still expressing his street ways.

Who the squad? Donda

Who the mom? Donda

Kanye West on “Keep My Spirit Alive”

Kanye West assembled an Avengers-type squad of feature guests for the album.

Mama, you was the life of the party

I swear you brought life to the party

When you lost your life, it took the life out the party

Kanye West on “Jesus Lord”

Rest In Peace Donda West.

I never rolled the GSXR or the R6 or the Honda (Lord)

But I flew my Ducati through North America like Wakanda

Jay Electronica on “Jesus Lord”

Jay Elec could not sound cooler with his choice of motorbike.

If I hit you with a “W-Y-D?”

You better not hit me with a “H-E-Y”

It better be like “Hiii” with a bunch of I’s

Or “Heyyy” with a bunch of Y’s

Kanye West on “New Again”

Be prepared to see the Instagram models whip out this bar for their captions.

N****, we made it

Pop Smoke on “Tell The Vision”

Pop Smoke certainly made it, having his own interlude on a Kanye West album.

We used to do the freak like seven days a week

It’s the best collab since Taco Bell and KFC

Kanye West on “Lord I Need You”

Maybe we should all hit our nearest Taco Bell-KFC joint restaurants this week in honor of Yeezy.

How you gon’ try to say sometimes it’s not about me?

Man, I don’t know what I would do without me

Kanye West on “Lord I Need You”

Even when it’s not about Kanye, it’s about Kanye.

They said I was mad at the Grammys

But I’m lookin’ at my Grammy right now

Roddy Ricch on “Pure Souls”

Roddy Ricch addresses how he was snubbed of his six nominations at the 2020 Grammys, but he had already won one the year before.

The truth is only what you get away with, huh?

Roddy Ricch on “Pure Souls”

Profound wisdom coming from a 22 year old.

How we in my car and you say we ain’t in the same lane?

Kanye West on “Pure Souls”

Personal worth is not what a person is worth

I can give a dollar to every person on Earth

Kanye West on “Pure Souls”

Fun fact: Kanye West is a billionaire.

This the new me, so get used to me

Lookin’ in the mirror, it’s the truth of me

Lookin’ at my kids, it’s the proof of me

Devil get behind me, I’m loose, I’m free

Father, Holy Spirit, let loose on me

Father, I’m Yours exclusively

Kanye West on “Pure Souls”

Kanye West appears to be very committed to his God-fearing lifestyle.

You know where to find me, they cannot define me

So they crucify me, how so fazed when I leave?

Kanye West on “Come To Life”

Kanye explains how even though people may hate him, his presence is still tremendous.

He’s done miracles on me

Kanye West on “No Child Left Behind”

Ever since we caught a glimpse of this song on the promotional Beats By Dre commercial for the album on July 20 featuring track star Sha’Carri Richardson, this glorious lyric has not escaped our memory.

Yeah, we was raised by the crack addicts

Mmm, raised by the drug dealers, killers, and the junkies (Junkies)

Mama couldn’t save us ’cause she had to get the—

Mama couldn’t save us ’cause she had to get the money

DaBaby on “Jail, Pt. 2”

DaBaby praising his mother on the album Kanye dedicated to his mother. We love to see it.

She rock YEEZY, hold up (Mmh, mmh)

So we always matchin’, hold up, uh (Mmh, mmh)

Carti and Yeezy (Mmh, mmh)

How’d that happen? (Mmh)

Playboi Carti on “Junya, Pt. 2

Playboi Carti and Kanye West giving us the collaborations they tease is extremely gratifying.

Check out Kanye West’s new album Donda below, and decide for yourself which lyrics you like the best.