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Pardyalone leaves ‘A Place For Us’ on intimate single, visual

While Pardyalone’s “Not A Home” may have been the catalyst to his career, his latest single “A Place For Us” further cements his place as a heartbreak savant.

A storyteller through and through, Pardy’s homegrown, narrative nature is the center point of his artistry — utilizing his voice to not only sing melancholic, love-torn hits, but truly speak to his listeners on every level.

His music feels like a honest conversation you need to hear, and on “A Place For Us,” Pardy is done “holding my emotions in” — letting off everything he’s kept bottled up. “This song means a lot to me,” he said in a video he shared on Wednesday (Sept. 21). “It kind of explains a lot of things that I’ve left unspoken. I hope you guys love it.”

The track’s meditative guitar progression leads in pattering hi-hats and a typical trap bounce. However, Pardy’s vocals ooze a wistful longing at every turn. It’s hard not to feel what he feels, seemingly crooning from the depths of his being: “This is not what lovers do… I hate that I still love you.”

Like any story, there’s an underlying theme, as Pardy constantly questions himself and his relationship from the start — contemplating the depression that ceaselessly creeps into his consciousness. Ultimately succumbing to the feelings he first endured, he admits that he feels “so numb” by track’s end — channeling the hurt, heartbreak and heaviness he holds into his emotionally-tattered vocalizations.

“She don’t like when I hold all my feelings in

I stay high to hold my emotions in

We fucked last night and we’ve been fighting ever since

This is not what lovers do

This is not what loving is

Pardyalone — “A Place For Us”

That place Pardy portrays comes to life in its coinciding visual directed by rising cinematographer Chris Vergara — bringing vision to the Minnesota native’s cinematic sob story. In short, love is a fleeting feeling — it comes and goes like the ebbs and flows life constantly presents. As for Pardy, he senses the toxic love he felt for his significant other all around him — picking up the pieces left behind by his former flame as the camera pans to a few couples who see sparks fly. Pardy is flickering in the light, yet, his flame has been long vanquished.

“Not A Home” opened doors for Pardyalone, but “A Place For Us” sees him breaking them down. As his most complete effort to date, the attention to detail and gut-wrenching truth behind the lyrics fully come together at the track’s penultimate moment, shouting into the abyss: “You left me scarred inside the place you left for us.” His singing incites chills on the arms of listeners — using his past emotions that funnel into a jaw-dropping refrain and finale.

“A Place For Us” is a must listen if you feel anything at all. This feeling, though, is what Pardyalone is known for — wearing his heart on his sleeve no matter how broken or battered he feels.

“A Place For Us” is the fourth track off Pardy’s debut EP ‘A Place For Us.’ Stream the project here.

Watch “A Place For Us” below!

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