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Pardyalone’s star soars after officially releasing viral single ‘not a home’

Now more than ever, artists and producers have an excess of options to share their music with the world. Whether that be through the many streaming platforms or social media apps, there are plenty of ways to have your music heard.

Minnesota native Pardyalone is a beaming testament to today’s digital rat race, as the 22-year-old rapper has been using the power of social media to consistently promote himself and his releases. Earning over 260,000 followers on TikTok, Pardyalone has achieved viral acclaim by letting his growing fanbase become integral to his creative process — explaining the inspiration behind his tracks in each video he posts.

Now, after blowing up on the platform over the past few months, Pardyalone’s new single “not a home” is truly something special. Accumulating over 8 million views on TikTok, the track was inspired by traumatic past events that puts Pardy back in the “dark place” where he was battling mental health-related issues.

“not a home” is a swooning, vulnerable track that is sung from the depths of Pardy’s most intimate thoughts and emotions. The soulful tune sits at just under three minutes long and displays Pardyalone’s piercing vocals as he elegantly harmonizes over a delicate, acoustic guitar instrumental. Throughout the duration of the song, the Minnesota wordsmith creates everlasting melodies while graciously singing about the pain and heartache that comes with love.

She’ll do better on her own

This house don’t feel like home

This house don’t feel like home

She’ll do drugs that make her sick

Cause she don’t wanna feel alone (feel alone)

“Not a Home” – Pardyalone

While Pardyalone’s content creation skills are elite, his musical talents are truly next level. Not only does he promote and market his brand on his own accord, but his music truly speaks for itself. Along with “not a home,” Pardys touts feature hits in “Sincerily, Fuck You,” “Cupid” and “Inside Out” — which all have quickly become fan favorites.

Whether it be a soft, heartfelt track or an emo-rap infused banger, Pardyalone is proving that no sound goes untouched in his sonic arsenal.

Check out Pardyalone’s “Not a Home” below!