Pivot Gang reignites their flame on new track ‘Aang’

Chicago’s best and brightest creatives often work best together, with Pivot Gang’s all-star roster being one of the most prominent examples.

The crew — which consists of Saba, Joseph Chilliams, MFn Melo, Dam Dam, Frsh Waters, daedaePIVOT and Daoud — has experienced insurmountable tragedy over the last few years, losing former members in John Walt and squeakPIVOT to violence in Chicago.

Releasing their first song since squeakPIVOT’s passing, “Aang” finds the Gang in a gleaming and fleeting rhythm, bouncing off each other’s unique energy with an infectious amount of passion.

The track features members Saba, Joseph Chilliams, Mfn Melo and Frsh Waters each lending their own valuable contributions to the track. It’s as much of a check-in with the group’s morale as it is proof that they can have fun with their rhymes while also thoughtfully reflecting on recent adversity. Chilliams shines especially bright, not only giving us the titular and catchy chorus, but dropping off metaphorical references like it’s nobody’s business.

Uh, I was on the block like Dwayne, takin’ the bus and we hop in the train

Movin’ that rock like Dwayne, from the westside and my grandpapa went to Crane, n***a

My whole life had changed

When I seen Cam in the range

Pivot Gang – “Aang”

The concentrated ability for PivotGang to make this song both contemplative and fun is an underrated feat. The cycle of emotions during periods of grieving aren’t mutually exclusive, and seeing this laid out so eloquently is rare in itself. The last time we saw this kind of talent at this scale was on Pivot Gang’s 2019 album You Can’t Sit With Us, as “Aang” is the perfect way to lead into whatever the Gang has prepped for us

The song also comes over a month before John Walt Day — a Pivot Gang show and remembrance of their posthumous member and brother, John Walt. The fifth-year anniversary show features Saba, MFnMelo, Joseph Chilliams, Frsh Waters and daedaePivot. Tickets are available now.

Stream “Aang” below!


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