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Shawny Binladen teams up with DotComNirvan for ‘Hercules / Paradise’ visual

An unlikely pair in Shawny Binladen and DotComNirvan joined forces this past weekend for an epic collaboration on the surprise two-pack music video “Hercules / Paradise.”

The two-in-one video starts off with the memorable “Hercules” visual off the Bronx native Binladen’s latest project, Wick City. The over-the-top lavish video highlights the juxtaposition between Shawny’s gritty, unorthodox rap flow and the classical orchestral arrangement (prod. by ZTonthebeat & Whothehelliscarlo) with insanely elegant surroundings and uncharacteristically cinematic camerawork from Nirvan.

While Shawny shoots dice and raps about “turning white-tees burgundy” in front of a very professional-looking violinist, the mood switches around halfway through as Shawny and Nirvan each break out their bread and butter for “Paradise.”

Originally released on SB’s Merry Wickmas 2 (Deluxe) in February, SB is in peak form, leaning into his signature raspy flow and backed by a killer beat from his go-to Chubby El Hefe. The video also looks more like a classic DotcomNirvan visual, featuring his polished run-and-gun style and carefully executed surreal VFX as Shawny strolls through a color-popping garden.

While this collab might seem out of left field, Shawny Binladen and Nirvan are more similar than they might appear. Both known for their forward-thinking creativity, unorthodox styles, fierce independence and absolutely unthinkable output, they’re conquering their respective niches with unmatched hustle and raw passion.

In much the same way Nirvan has unapologetically followed his own “North Star” to ultimately shape the visual style of the new Soundcloud wave, Shawny has plowed ahead with his own acquired taste and hyper-stylized sound — which is noticeably different from the ever-growing NYC drill swirling around him. The meeting of these two minds on “Hercules / Paradise” is a pleasant surprise for each of their loyal fanbases, and a glimpse at the far-reaching potential of their unique approaches to their craft.

Watch Shawny Binladen’s “Hercules / Paradise” directed by DotcomNirvan below!