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Sheck Wes wants you to feel the pressure on ‘PAIN!’

No one creates a visceral, atmospheric vibe on a track like Sheck Wes does. The 24-year-old Harlem native embraces dense 808s and dark instrumentals with a tribal cadence, with the mega viral “Mo Bamba” being the most obvious exemple.

So far, Sheck has been relatively quiet in 2022, with the exception of his knockout feature on Dreamville’s “STICK.” That trajectory began to shift in early November with the Redda-produced “LFG!,” making it quickly apparent that he isn’t messing around. Seeming to return to the chanting ad-libs and beligerant production that made MUDBOY so memorable, Sheck stretches that energy even further on his latest track, “PAIN!

Helming production from “MDMA” producer Arman Andican, the track leaves no space for you to breath, despite Sheck Wes whispering aggressive sentiments, assuring you that he smokes nothing but pressure. “I’m smokin’ pain / I’m smokin’ pressure (Bitch),” he raps. “My bitch is pressure (Bitch) / My bitch is better (Yeah, bitch).”

While the Cactus Jack signee thrives on simplicity — from his delivery to his repetitive production — it’s what makes tracks like “PAIN!” hit so much harder. The back-and-forth rhythm and commanding vocal presence that Sheck displays severely exasperates the mood, leaving you trapped within the song’s firm grasp. It’s part of the personality that made “Mo Bamba” a viral sensation, as inklings of its greatness are found all over “PAIN!”.

Building steam ahead of the new year, Sheck seems to be eyeing a full-length project for 2023, which will presumably hold both “LFG!” and “PAIN!” upon its release. If not,

Check out “Pain!” below!

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