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Slaughterhouse members Joe Budden, Royce Da 5’9”, Joel Ortiz argue on IG live

Longtime fans of hip-hop may have a vague recollection of a four-man collective by the name of Slaughterhouse. Formed in the late 2000’s, the group last worked together on their track in 2015 — reconnecting for a quality conversation about their fallout.

Its members in Royce Da 5’9”, Joe Budden, Joell Ortiz and KXNG Crooked were some of the fastest rappers in the game, with lyrical content to match their speedy flows. After years of radio silence, Joell and Crook dropped two singles addressing the conflict that tore the group apart.

“The house is vacant

Yеah, Mouse is makin’ that podcast money talkin’ foul and flagrant

Right from his couch, I’m hatin’

Royce Grammy nod camе without debating

The Allegory’s a wild creation

I’m happy you got to smell your flowers baby

And Crook, shit, Crook still out here being Crook

Got every rapper shook

Ain’t never used a book for a verse or a hook”

Joell Ortiz — “Vacancy”

Vacancy” and “Backstage” both attribute to the demise of the group to Joe and Royce due to a supposed misunderstanding about a potential record deal. Royce hopped on IG Live to speak on the situation, later joined by Joe, who gave his side of the story.

With Royce and Joe now taking a stance against the statements of Joell and Crook, the group is split down the middle with no sight of a resolution. Joell hopped on the livestream to defend himself and KXNG Crooked, claiming that Joe’s departure from rapping and Royce’s desire to keep the group together implied the end of their Slaughterhouse journey.

It appears that despite their current feud, the four emcees have love for each other with Royce wanting the group to get back together, even organizing a potential collaboration with Griselda member Westside Gunn.

One can dream of a reunion, although the likelihood of that now seems nonexistent. Hopefully these legendary artists will be able to squash this issue soon and get back to the music their fans are hungry for.

Check out their conversation below!

Joe Budden @ 9:42
Joell Ortiz @ 1:02:28