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Southside reigns supreme on 11-year anniversary of ‘It’s A Southside Track’

Today, Our Generation celebrates the 11th anniversary of legendary trap icon and producer Southside’s monumental mixtape It’s A Southside Track.

Igniting the genre-defying narrative at the core of 808 MAFIA, Southside has not only become an industry mogul since its release in 2010 (Dec. 15), but transports listeners back in time to his roots on this game-changing project. At the time, the hip-hop world evidently witnessed a surge in new methods of promotion — when “DJ-hosted” projects were used as the dominant vehicle for artist recognition. Being put on by a producer or DJ worked wonders for artists at the cusp of the digital era — and in Southside’s case, Trap-a-holics took the bearings for this project that still stands the test of time.

Activated by the enigmatic Waka Flocka Flame, who initially led the era’s trap movement along with his Brick Squad collective, Southside fully transformed its sonic landscape as we know it over the years. With innovative, mind-altering and heavy-hitting production, Southside was — and is — a major influence for the trap sound we hear today, inspiring our generation’s most beloved acts and undeniable hitmakers.

Aiming to introduce the fiery nature of Atlanta’s burgeoning acts — now recognized as our modern-day trap juggernauts — Southside detonated his explosive sound all throughout the mixtape. Rooted in its unpredictably addictive percussion and bombastic 808s — reminiscent of an street-induced andreline rush — It’s A Southside Track set the game ablaze with 21 knockout songs featuring Waka Flocka Flame, Gucci Mane, OJ Da Juiceman, Wooh Da Kid, Slim Dunkin, Kebo Gotti, Nino Cahoots, Frenchie, Lil Cap & BC and others.

Capturing the volatility and essence that fuels the unsavory world Southside and his collaborators reside in, It’s A Southside Track demonstrated the arrival of his infectious levels of confidence infused into every beat — bringing forth an out-of-body experience and a divine sense of euphoria. As listeners felt equally as certified and street as Southside, It’s A Southside Track reminds us of the everlasting success and generational influence rewarded to those who wholeheartedly challenge the confines of music — never folding on their vision and remaining victimless to disruptive nature of breaking barriers.

As Southside now witnesses his influence on the up-and-coming class of trendsetting producers, It’s A Southside Track is credited as an inspiration to aspiring producers over the past decade. Revealing his presence as an illustrious trap producer, Southside has proven to be the common denominator on almost every chart-topping album for superstars in Drake, Travis Scott, Young Thug, Future and countless others.

Ultimately, It’s A Southside Track proves to be a revolutionary mosaic of undefeated production and evolutionary energy, transforming these trap enforcers into modern day global acts.

Listen to ‘It’s a Southside Track’ below!