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Cleveland’s SPB Benz reintroduces himself with ‘The Introduction’

Fresh off a breakup-induced hiatus, Cleveland-based emcee SPB Benz is getting right back to breaking hearts with the release of his new project, The Introduction.

The newly single SPB Benz is one of the brightest young talents emerging out of the often overlooked streets of Ohio. With the heart of a Cleveland trapper and the gentle melodic voice of a teenage R&B phenom, Benz is doubling down on his refreshing R&B sound and impressive vocal chops on his new 9-track EP release last week (July 8).

Benz’s combination of talent, grit and charisma is a breath of fresh air in the oftentimes dark and serious soundscape of hip-hop in 2022. With his new release, he looks to capitalize on the early success he found with his 2020 breakout single, “Blow.”

Where the then-teenage Benz was first introduced to his audience with a classroom-themed visual, he looks to age up on his new project — starting by celebrating his 21st birthday with the lead single from the new project “Teremana Lemonade.” In the accompanying music video released on the same day, the freshly legal Benz toasts to reaching the legal drinking age and dropping a new soundtrack for summer in Cleveland with a bottle of The Rock’s Tereamana Tequila. 

A few other early standouts from the project include the incredibly catchy “Everybody Can’t,” where Benz’s polished sing-rapping is at its best. The closing track “Round of Applause” is another highlight, tying a bow on the project with a full chorus and what is probably his most introspective moment yet. 

As its name suggests, The Introduction is a well-crafted introduction to the revitalized sound of Cleveland’s SPB Benz, setting himself up for a bright future as one of the talented young artists bringing back that much-needed R&B feel to hip hop. 

Watch “Teremana Lemonade” by SPB Benz and listen to his new EP ‘The Introduction’ below