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The Szns, Aaron May ‘Leave’ it all in the club on new joint single

The Szns linked with fellow Houston-native Aaron May for his new single “Leave.”

After hitting the radar in 2022 with his breakout track “Cameo,” The Szns has piqued the interest of music lovers with his unique tone and captivating hybrid style – embodying the swag of a down south trap rapper with the vocal chops of a golden-era R&B singer. 

One of the earliest to tap in was fellow Houston native, Aaron May, who’s helped create one of The Szns’ biggest moments yet with “Leave,” their new hugely catchy, lightly Jersey-club inspired R&B bop fit for the club. 

The Szns is living proof that R&B is alive and well. His new release, “Leave” is a perfect example of his forward-thinking approach to the genre, unrestrained by traditional boundaries and free to incorporate fresh sounds that feel perfectly of the moment.  

Produced by Sp1tmind’s Simbo, the track opens with a deceptively somber piano chord before switching up into a bouncy Jersey club-esque bassline – transforming what could be a slow and sultry ballad into an R&B-flavored dance track. 

On “Leave,” once again The Szns showcases a level of talent and dynamic songwriting far beyond his time in the game – cutting through the boppy production and contrasting his uniquely soulful tone with his own striking falsetto on the hook. Joining for the second verse, Aaron May delivers a smooth, melody-driven rap verse that perfectly bleeds into the chorus on either side and elevates the catchy vibe into a fully-baked banger. 

Fittingly, the accompanying music video (directed by Gio Bandero) shows the pair of Houston-natives looking like a couple of rapstars perfectly at home in the strip club. As The Szns put it, the ultra-crisp visual and wide range of creative shots “Made it look like we signed for real” – reminding fans that even though he might look like big label production, he’s still very much independent.

Just a few days after its release, “Leave” is already setting a new high-water mark for The Szns as he continues to capitalize on his breakout success in 2022. If he continues at this pace, he just may turn out to be the new generation R&B star fans have been searching for. 

Watch The SZNs and Aaron May’s “Leave” below