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The Weeknd, Swedish House Mafia collide for another hit ‘Moth to a Flame’

Swedish House Mafia has finally returned after a long hiatus, as The Weeknd aids them to deliver another sure-fire hit.

The pair’s newest single “Moth to a Flame” features the “Starboy” singing about a toxic relationship while Swedish House Mafia expertly sets the stage with their signature keys.

In the accompanying video, The Weeknd is drenched in a dark blue light. Scenes are quickly cut between close-ups to an almost endless body of piles passionately intertwining with one another. This continues until the video’s midway point where the members of Swedish House Mafia enter the blue-shaded space dashing through hundreds of frozen figures. He sings about a potential partner who only calls him when her current lover is fast asleep. It’s nothing new for The Weeknd but he still makes it sound as crisp and catchy as ever.

With this new song, The Weeknd has seemingly honed his pop sound to perfection. His growth from Starboy to Gesaffelstein’s “Lost in the Fire” to now is striking and it seems like he simply cannot do any wrong. Any electronic pairing with him is a cheat code for an easy chart-topper. While the lyrical content is still standard fare for him, his voice carries the song to greater heights. Swedish House Mafia pulls back on their more dominant EDM sound for the past to create a sensational showing.

The Weeknd delays stadium world tour until summer 2022

“Moth to a Flame” will be included on Swedish House Mafia’s upcoming debut album Paradise Again expected in 2022. As for The Weeknd, he begins to prep the rollout of his next album The Dawn. It’ll be interesting to see just how his sound shifts from project to project, especially after his enlightening After Hours era.

Listen to “Moth to a Flame” below!

The Weeknd shares teaser for new collab with Swedish House Mafia

Though The Weeknd’s fans may be disappointed that his world tour has been delayed once again, they still have music to be excited about.

The global pop sensation will join forces with newly-reunited house music supergroup Swedish House Mafia for a new track titled “Moth to a Flame” set to drop this Friday (Oct. 22).

The Weeknd delays stadium world tour until summer 2022

Swedish House Mafia has just recently returned from a nine-year hiatus and will finally release a proper, commercial debut album in the upcoming months. With their comeback quickly approaching, it comes as no surprise that the group would want someone like The Weeknd to usher in a new era thanks to his previous work with similar artists.

The Weeknd has never strayed away from working from with electronic/dance producers. From collaborating with electronic producer Oneohtrix Point Never on songs throughout After Hours to having Daft Punk hop on one of his biggest hits “Starboy,” it’s clear just how perfect his voice sounds over synth-heavy production and pulsating percussion.

This past year, his work with Calvin Haris on “Over Now” delivered a laid back track that was ideal for summer nights. The Weeknd has been known to easily move from production like this to something more trap-inspired like “Heartless.”

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It shows off his versatility and his ability to adapt to any beat thrown at him. Even on Ye’s “Hurricane” where the production is much more skeletal, his voice still shines above it all for a breathtaking performance.

With his next album The Dawn on the horizon, The Weeknd’s collab with Swedish House Mafia will surely hold over fans until he begins his official rollout. If the snippet is any indication, “Moth To A Flame” will be another club hit for both The Weeknd and SHM.

Check out The Weeknd’s latest single before “Moth to a Flame” drops on Friday!