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TheHxliday changes up his style on new song ‘Doses’

Rising emo-rap artist TheHxliday has not been known to stick to one lane, cascading from hard rap songs to melodic singing effortlessly — and sometimes in the same song.

On his latest track “Doses” (originally released in November 2021), he completely changes the pace by flexing his vocals and unleashing a light, poppish hit just in time for Valentines Day.

While his past songs were a mixture of both rap and melodic singing, “Doses” features a much more pop-centric upbeat sound. His voice floats above the beat and ultimately shows off his versatility with his catchy, breezy hook.

I just want you

Can I get a dose of your love?

I just want you

Heaven falls closer to ya

The Hxliday — “Doses”

It’s unlike anything he’s recorded before in the past, however, the result has stunningly paid off. SR and Nova Gholar handle the production as their simple guitar strumming and ear-wormy whistles come together with TheHxliday’s voice to create something truly new and exciting.

The accompanying visual is inspired by classic high school, Valentine’s Day heartache, as The Hxliday sits in a classroom pining for the girl of his dreams.

The Baltimore artist has been steadily growing his fanbase this past year with songs like “Wit Dat” with Polo G and his EP, The Most Beautiful Disaster. These releases showcase both his rapping ability and his melodic prowess, as “Doses” further proves that the sky’s the limit for TheHxliday. Fans can expect more genre-shifting sounds from him once his upcoming project Luvverville finally drops.

Watch ‘Doses’ by TheHxliday below!