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Tommy Richman recruits Nate Dae, Merlyn Wood for infectious single ‘I GOT THE LOVE’

Last summer I took a trip to LA, and in the middle of a game of HORSE (which I lost) with Jonah Roy and his manager Matt Ladis, Jonah played me a track he co-produced with Luke Nittmann for a trio that had me stunned.

He told me it probably would not come out, and I almost entirely forgot about it. Six months later, Tommy Richman sent me a file of his upcoming track with Nate Dae and Merlyn Wood, and instantly 2023 started off as best as it possibly could.

Kicking off with a Pharrell inspired four beat tap, “I GOT THE LOVE” sets off on a vibrant note. Nate Dae immediately jumps in for an infectious hook that will have you dancing, repeating, “I got the love I need it,” while Jonah’s signature bouncy synth led production adds even more excitement.

Merlyn’s verse displays a side of him that has rarely been seen over the last few years, bringing an energy reminiscent of the SATURATION era. Tommy comes in over a sweet guitar riff for the bridge, while his ever distinct voice provides a switch up from Merlyn’s high energy. Nate closes the song as it started, leaving the hook repeating in your ears.

“I GOT THE LOVE” arrives on the heels of an incredible year for Tommy, releasing a handful of singles highlighted by “BUNKER/PREROLL” with mynameisntjmack and an EP in ALLIGATOR, which landed in my top five EPs of the year. An opening slot for Ruby Red closed out his year, and with the third Everything Is Punk show being hosted last weekend and a dual set with mynameisntjmack at That Good Sh*t’s Sunday Sounds coming up, expect no shortage of Tommy Richman in 2023.

For Nate Dae, the track follows up to a campaign that saw his single “sober dober” take off after a relatively quiet few years since bursting onto the scene in 2017. Meanwhile, despite only releasing two solo singles last year, Merlyn still remains to be an artist that always has to be watched, and with BROCKHAMPTON officially ending hopefully he will have more on the way this year.

Listen to “I GOT THE LOVE” by Tommy Richman, Nate Dae, and Merlyn Wood below!