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Trippie Redd, DotCom Nirvan link up for ‘Fire In My Heart,’ ‘Kill La Kill’ visuals

DotCom Nirvan is blowing up at a rate like no other, capitalizing on each new visual week-in and week-out. Connecting with emo-rap superstar Trippie Redd for “Fire In My Heart” — the third music video off Trippie’s underground tape Hate Is Deadthe duo churned out another anthemic rage banger for the books.

Simply put, “Fire In My Heart” may be Trippie’s best offering this past year — even amid his 18-track album Trip At Knight in August 2021. With catchy cadences and flows that perfectly sync to the beat, Trippie is truly in his bag, as Nirvan complements his performance with trippy visuals and demonic edits to Redd’s eyes that further envelope fans into his world.

The beat switch-up on “Fire In My Heart” is where things take a jarring turn. Coming from the “Redd” color schemes and fire on the first section of the track, Nirvan darkens the frame with black-and-white portrait shots as Trippie rides “Fire In My Heart’s” down-tempo B-side.

Similarly, Nirvan and Trippie returned a week later for another video titled “Kill La Kill” (Feb. 20). This unreleased cut sees the 1400 rapstar strongly following up on his latest underground efforts. Produced by MaxLord, the new track showcases Trippie’s unrelenting work ethic with another wave of Nirvan’s patented visual effects.

Overall, Nirvan and Trippie are a dynamic pairing, looking to double down on their impact as the divide between the underground and mainstream continues to dissolve.

Watch “Kill La Kill” below!

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