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Tyler Loyal delivers late-night vibes on new single ‘2AM (You Know)’

The Boston newcomer displays the perfect blend of rap and R&B on his latest love-inspired record.

After releasing “Back In Dat Mode” earlier this year, Tyler Loyal has been in a mode only he can tap into — paving his own way and putting his foot on necks.

Born in Boston, the R&B-rap vocalist made it his initiative early on to be known as a genre-bending artist. While lots of people like to place certain musicians in a box and limit their capabilities based on pretenses, Tyler knew for a fact that this would not be his destiny. Doing all that he can to showcase just how versatile his pen is, his new single “2 AM (You Know)” (March 22) showcases how diverse his ear is.

A special trait about Tyler Loyal, and what speaks to his dedication to the game, is how patient he is with his career and his music. Knowing that everything is based on divine timing, Loyal keeps his head in the studio and never chased fame or virality — leaving everything up to divine timing.

In a recent interview with On The Radar, he stated that he felt like he was “rushing against an imaginary clock” in the past when it came to him having that desire to blow up, but is now more calm and collective and letting things happen organically.

Co-produced by the GRAMMY award-winning Diego Ave, “2AM” speaks of having that one person you know is down for those late link-ups no matter what. When asked about the creative direction of the song, Tyler Loyal explained on his perspective of things, saying “it’s hard to cut off something you really want.”

“I tend to find inspiration in the women from my past. My recent relationship has been the driving factor for a lot of my recent work; especially when it comes to a song like this. I’ve been told I’m a toxic partner, whatever that means. From my perspective, it’s hard to cut off something you really want. My love is like a drug. I make love with passion. They always come back, and so do I.”

Tyler Loyal

Check out Tyler Loyal’s “2AM (You Know)” below!