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Unusual Demont questions love on sunny new offering ‘Maybe Not’

Although Unusual Demont’s sound may be far from ordinary, he isn’t completely straying away from what’s trending.

With a heavenly singing voice and unabashed affinity for left-of-center sounds, his debut project Hues was a refined, retrospective introduction to his thoughts, feelings and fears. As a kaleidoscope of captivating verses, Demont’s colorful and eclectic style continually melds the confines of what’s considered alternative, pop, hip-hop and R&B — earning the Wisconsin newcomer over 600,000 Spotify monthly listeners in the process.

Championing his alt-pop vibe and refreshing cadence dripped in rap swagger, Demont shines brighter than ever before on his shimmering new single “Maybe Not.”

Released on Wednesday (May 18), “Maybe Not” sees Demont continuing to question the love he thinks he derserves a la Hues, teetering from whether or not his feelings come from true love or if it’s all smoke and mirrors. “I’m in love, or maybe not, I guess,” he sings on the hook, as Demont talks himself through his fear of settling down and taking blame in his relationship, among other things.

Demont flexes his lyrical chops by spitting playful, yet introspective bars on an otherwise sunny beat — taking listeners down a winding road towards his love-torn world. Backed by melodic, Super Mario-esque bells and fast-paced production — consistent with hyperpop’s euphorically glistening sound — the track’s thumping 808 progression is what really gives “Maybe Not” its life.

Fool me once it’s shame on you but I’ll take blame for the half

‘Cause baby who I’m supposed to go to? I done dapped up your dad

At that one cookout

Can’t be on lookout for someone new, huh

Guess I’m scared to settle, don’t know ’em like I know you know me well

Fish in a pale

Since you expelled, there’s been some dark nights, Christian Bale

Unusual Demont — “Maybe Not”

Following the release of the ultra-vibey “hey” in January, this is just the second track from the Hues talent this year — presumably streaking towards a full-length project in the near future. On top of preparing for his first headline show and tour with R&B songstress Ravyn Lenae, Demont’s appeal not only lies in his intrinsic ability to captivate new fans on first listen, but touts a skillset that allows him to tackle any sound he desires.

While still searching for the love he feels he needs, his energy, poise and presence all point to a specific superstar quality within his sound — and before long, those saying “Maybe Not” about Demont are sure to be proved wrong.

Watch Demont’s “Maybe Not” below!