Vince Staples drops ‘ARE YOU WITH THAT?’ music video

Days after dropping new self-titled album, Staples releases record’s second music video.

Vince Staples released the music video for “ARE YOU WITH THAT?” on the afternoon of July 12. The song was the opener to Staples’ new album Vince Staples, released on July 9. “ARE YOU WITH THAT?” dropped as the second single for the album on July 6.

The first music video for the album was for the lead single “LAW OF AVERAGES,” released June 17.

Vince’s album was a surprising change of pace from the upbeat, bouncy beats found on all his earlier projects. “ARE YOU WITH THAT?” set the tone for the laid-back, poised project with its mellow beat, allowing Staples’ lyricism to take center stage.

The “ARE YOU WITH THAT?” music video does a fabulous job of coinciding with the themes and lyrics of the song.

The first portion of the video shows visuals of a flustered Staples running down a dark street, while bystanders that are also him watch him in distress. This depiction of chaos matches the lyrics in the first half of the song, where he spits a reflective first verse about the violence in his early life.

The second portion of the video shows Staples in a backyard standing in the grass, as he slowly submerges into the ground and is eventually buried. This matches the message of the second verse on the track by demonstrating that some of those involved in that dangerous life met an early demise.

All in the street, followin’ leads

Of niggas who lost they ways (Dead homies)

Some of them outside still (Still)

Some of them inside graves

“ARE YOU WITH THAT?” — Vince Staples

Check out Vince Staples’ new music video for his song “ARE YOU WITH THAT?” below.


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