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Wale releases seventh studio album ‘Folarin II’

Back in 2012, Wale‘s mixtape Folarin helped raise his stock as one of the the most versatile and lyrical rappers in the game. The album contained marquee feature guests like the late Nipsey Hussle, Rick Ross, Jhené Aiko and Scarface.

Now, nearly nine years later, the D.C. native is back with the sequel to Folarin, boasting assists from J. Cole, Chris Brown, Maxo Kream, Jamie Foxx and more. The album contains its three promotional singles “Poke It Out,” “Angles” and “Down South,” which helped to build buzz around Wale’s seventh official studio album.

With 15 songs spanning 48 minutes, Folarin II is Wale’s first project in over two years, and sees the exciting return of one of the unsung heroes of hip-hop in the last decade.

Check out Folarin II by Wale below!

Wale pokes some fun with J. Cole on ‘Poke It Out’

Wale has been gearing up for his upcoming album, Folarin II, since mid-June after releasing its first promotional single “Angles” with Chris Brown.

He later dropped “Down South” featuring Maxo Kream and Yella Beezy two months later on Aug. 13, and now continues its rollout with the album’s third single “Poke It Out” with J. Cole.

“Poke It Out” sees two of the game’s most lyrically intensive and seasoned artists shake it up a bit with a twerk anthem. Produced by Cool & Dre, who have most notably worked with hip-hop legends like Fat Joe, JAY-Z and The Game, the song samples Q-Tip‘s 2001 hit “Vivrant Thing.”

Wale opens “Poke It Out” by sandwiching his raunchy first verse with a repetitive, playful hook explaining that he’s not picky about a girl’s body type.

Yeah, she got a little butt, so what?

Big bag, she can show enough

Stick it out (Stick it out), poke it out (Poke it out), yeah

Stick it out (Stick it out), poke it out (Poke it out), yeah

“Poke It Out” — Wale featuring J. Cole

After the second rendition of the hook, J. Cole slides in for his dynamic second verse using basketball analogies, demonstrating how guys like him are not easy to come by, and how he appreciates his girl’s body.

She know who run it, the one that keep it hunnid

To find a better n****, you gon’ have to live a century (Century)

Evidently, the coach can’t bench me

The franchise player, I don’t know how to miss

And they can’t buy a layup, I’m anti what they are

I can’t take my eyes off your pants, I swear

Girl, you shinin’ like a damn Moncler

“Poke It Out” — Wale featuring J. Cole

To cap off the track, Cole employs a sung outro shouting out Megan Thee Stallion and Coi Leray, exhibiting his love for women of all sizes.

The visual for “Poke It Out” was released on Oct. 4, and features Wale riding around with a group of girls bumping his club anthem as him and J. Cole vibe out to the song in unison.

The sequel to Wale’s star-studded 2012 album Folarin comes out on Oct. 22, as the second version is slated to have a stellar feature cast of its own.

Until then, stream Wale’s new song “Poke It Out” with J. Cole below!