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Westside Gunn hints at Jay Electronica joining Griselda

Westside Gunn may be looking for another lyricist to enlist for his coveted Griselda label. The rap mogul recently hinted that the mystifying Jay Electronica may be joining his eclectic roster.

On Instagram this week, the prolific rapper shouted out numerous artists such as Lloyd Banks and Busta Rhymes, detailing how he is still working on new material. This comes soon after Gunn’s new album Peace “Fly” God which dropped earlier this month after returning back to the United States after Paris Fashion Week. “We back working. We on ya neck man. We in New York. We on ya neck. We ain’t stopping man. We getting everything together,” Gunn says while showing off some expensive new jewelry and fashion.

He continues shouting out his Griselda brothers in the post, but then takes a moment to talk about Jay Electronica. “Shout out to Jay Electronica. Jay Electronica might be Griselda,” he said in the video alongside Griselda affiliate Rome Streetz. “Y’all might not know what the f**k we doing behind the scenes, man. Jay Electronica might be Griselda. Yeah, for real. Ask him! See what he tells you. You heard it first.”

The wouldn’t be the first time Gunn and Electronica teamed up. The duo have already joined forces on Gunn’s song “Free Cutter” off his 2021 album Hitler Wears Hermes 8: Side B. Jay’s last project was his 2020 debut album A Written Testimony, followed quickly by the fabled Act 2: The Patents of Nobility (The Turn). Both were widely praised for their incredible penmanship and intricate wordplay as well as the lavish and exquisite production — something that would fit right in with Griselda’s history.

Griselda recently parted ways with one of its founding members Conway the Machine this past year and adding Jay to the mix could fill this open slot. Electronica signing to Griselda could take an already impressive lineup that includes the likes of Mach-Hommy and Boldy James to the next level. While Westside Gunn teases this potential partnership, he’s still prepping to release his next project Michelle Records in the meantime. With that on the way, he’s gearing up for yet another dominant second half of the year.

Check out Westside Gunn’s latest Peace “Fly” God and Jay Electronica’s hits below!