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XXXTENTACION’s estate to share ‘LOOK AT ME’ companion film ‘In His Own Words’

As seen in clips throughout “LOOK AT ME,” XXXTENTACION’s mythical 2017 interview with The Fader is finally coming to light.

Produced by Fader Films, the late-rapper’s estate announced “In His Own Words: XXXTENTACION” on Tuesday (Oct. 25) — the companion film to his scathing, blunt and heartbreaking Hulu exclusive documentary this past May.

The forthcoming flick, which is set for release on Nov. 22, will not only expand on the sentiment of “LOOK AT ME,” but will explore a greater juxtaposition of Jahseh Onfroy’s artistry, personal relationships and will see him discuss topics that most artists stray away from in a conversational setting.

Providing viewers with a unique and unfiltered perspective throughout the never-before-seen interview, The Fader originally decided to withhold it due to the sensitive discourse X engaged in. Now, with context surrounding his artistic and personal motivations, X’s estate felt that fans who “really care” about him can gain greater insight into his cerebral sense of self. Speaking on topics surrounding his time in prison, domestic violence allegations, struggles with mental health and more, XXXTENTACTION will truly be heard “In His Own Words” next month.

X’s manager, Solomon Sobande, provided a statement about the enlightening interview, saying it’s “as honest as any conversation we had.” “My hope is that it brings clarity and happiness to his fans who he ultimately cared the most about,” he continued. “RIP Jahseh.”

I feel it’s really important for X’s fans to have the opportunity to hear from him in his own words about his music and his life. He was always open to them, cared about them and they now will get a glimpse into some of his realest thoughts.”

Cleopatra Bernard, X’s mother

His struggles with mental health and depression are a central theme to “LOOK AT ME,” as the doc provides an angle to every side of X’s emotional and mental turmoil. He was outspoken on these topics, though, regularly going on live streams to talk with his fans about his issues, always saying you’re not “ALONE” — a mantra for X’s battles with his psyche. He was only 20-years-old at the time of his death in 2018.

A question that has plagued the late Florida emcee’s career rings true now more than ever: Can you separate the art from the artist? Answering this question and more with The Fader, “In His Own Words: XXXTENTACION” looks to remember Jahseh as a human being, not just an entertainer.

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Watch the trailer here!

“In His Own Words: XXXTENTACION” will be available via the filmmaker-controlled platform Altavod on Nov. 22. Co-directed by Lesley Steele and Rob Stone, and executive produced by Rob Stone, Cloepatra Bernard and Solomon Sobande, you can pre-order the film domestically here and internationally here.