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YBN Nahmir switches up styles on YouTube exclusive ‘Militant’

Back with a new flow, YBN Nahmir is trying to prove that his underselling debut album VISIONLAND was a fluke with his new track ‘Militant.’

Releasing exclusively on WorldStar Hip-Hop’s YouTube account, Nahmir tests out a new Detroit-style sound. In the new track, the Birmingham, Alabama emcee references past song ‘Soul Train’ where he brushes off criticism after the song built up 350,000 dislikes and just 50,000 likes on YouTube.

Hit up Berry, said I bet they can’t say shit about the Nadi’s

Hit that finish line first, I couldn’t let no nigga stop me

Nigga talking bout Soul Train? I get his bitch trained

Ditch the .44 nigga, now bouncin’ out with AKs

Took her to the crib, she pop that pill and now she activated

I seen it in they eyes from the beginning they was fuckin’ haters

You know I ain’t trippin’, I’m still gon’ ball like a fuckin’ Laker

YBN Nahmir — “Militant”

Nahmir’s last official release came this month when he teamed up with Canadian production duo Dvbbs for their single ‘Victory.’ Employing a techno style beat, Nahmir spits braggadocious bars as he states “the race getting close to the finish line.”

His previous affiliation with former YBN counterparts Almighty Jay and Cordae — who ultimately evolved into the culture-shifting artist we know today — Nahmir seems to be picking up the pace, hopefully being received a bit better this time around.

Stream Dvbbs and YBN Nahmir’s single Victory below!

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