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Young Dolph glides on ‘Get Away’ ahead of posthumous album

It’s no secret that music misses Young Dolph. Tragically passing away one year ago today (Nov. 17), the Memphis legend had a new album on the way — and now we get to hear what Dolph had planned for us.

His latest single, “Get Away,” is an emblematic reminder of the trailblazing path that Dolph paved, one that’s been fundamental for the next generation of artists that take inspiration from the “Major” rapper. It’s the premiere single of his posthumous album, Paper Route Frank, with the entirety of the project being conceptualized and crafted by Dolph prior to his passing.

The Memphis rapper built his label, Paper Route Records, from the ground up. It makes the decision for his estate and label to release this posthumous project all the more valid, with his full artistic vision encompassing the highly-anticipated LP. Dolph had already proven his worth in the industry, this was just his way of showing it all off. For now though, “Get Away” is the perfect preview of what’s soon to come.

The Sosa 808-produced track offers Dolph a bright, fleeting instrumental that he contrasts with explicit descriptions of his well-earned lifestyle, but simultaneously living with the demons that haunt him. The sample that directs this production hums “I wanna’ get away” over and over, making Dolph’s refrains all the more impactful, especially considering the circumstances.

It’s been awhile since I went to church

Hide my pain and tears in a verse

Don’t nobody understand me

F*ck some fame, f*ck a Grammy

Young Dolph – “Get Away”

What shouldn’t be lost amongst the music is Dolph’s philanthropic work, which was something that he deeply cared about during his life. The IdaMae Family Foundation was created to honor the life and legacy of Dolph’s grandmother, and now it’s representing his legacy as well. The non-profit foundation is celebrating the life of Young Dolph today (Nov. 17) by declaring the day to be Adolph “Young Dolph” Thornton Jr. Day of Service in the states of Tennessee and Georgia.

The organization said in a press release that you don’t have to just be in these select states to help out.

“The spirit of Young Dolph Day encourages anyone in any city to give back to their community – no act of service is too small”

IdaMae Foundation

You can visit their website to donate and find out how you can help commemorate the legendary rapping and philanthropic work that Young Dolph so greatly displayed in his life.

Check Out “Get Away” Below!