YSL Update: Young Thug’s lawyer files motion to dismiss case

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Since Young Stoner Life’s sweeping RICO indictment in mid-May, fans have been following the intense legal battle between the Young Thug-led label and Atlanta’s Fulton County.

Specifically, the arrest of Thug and superstar protégé Gunna at the peak of their careers has led to polarizing debates between fans and critics alike — with some condemning their actions while others campaign for their release.

The latest information brings potentially positive news as AllHipHop reports that Young Thug’s lawyers have filed a motion to dismiss the case due to illegally obtained evidence regarding the car used in a murder in 2015.

Apparently, Thug’s lawyers believe the system is working against the award-winning artist, claiming multiple instances of foul play from the prosecution.

Recent developments in the RICO case bring both good and bad news as more details come to light through new court documents. According to Complex, these documents, revealed on Wednesday (Sept. 28), say Gunna’s “only serious overt act” has been dropped — leading his legal team to request a third bond hearing after two previous denials.

This could bring good news to Gunna’s camp as he has not been charged with any acts of violence and, with his most egregious charge dropped, his release could potentially be bumped up sooner than initially thought.

Thug’s legal troubles, on the other hand, seem to be worsening. The prosecution paints him as the mastermind or “mob boss” behind a number of heinous crimes allegedly conducted by YSL, including the renting of a vehicle used to commit murder.

Earlier this month, court documents obtained by AllHipHop revealed that approximately $150,000 worth of assets were seized from Young Thug’s property, including jewelry, cars and weapons.

Jewelry vendor Rafaello & Co has been trying to seize some of the pieces, claiming they were lent to Thug. However, authorities found that only four out of the nine pieces they named were comparable to the property they described.

Brian Steel, Young Thug’s lawyer, claims that these forfeitures are unconstitutional, violating the Eighth Amendment which prohibits against excessive fines.

These past five months have been a rollercoaster for the 28 members of YSL named in the RICO case. With another three months until the tentative Jan. 9, 2023 trial date, there’s still much more that needs to unravel before either Thug or Gunna walk free.

This story may be updated to reflect breaking news.

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