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Yvng Ev is bound to blow up ‘This Time’

Time is something you can never get back — and Yvng Ev is making the most of his.

The Brooklyn-based rapper has an affinity for emotive storytelling, evident on the narratively-laced “Mama” and his most recent track “Chasing Stars.” Returning to spin another heartfelt exposé of his innermost thoughts, his new single “This Time” sees the 24-year-old emcee bare his soul for himself to fix.

“I just want to feel connected,” he belts on the opening line, taking viewers back to a childhood scene where his parents bicker as soon as his father walks in the door — an instance all too familiar for most. A “yvng” Ev sits atop the kitchen counter, clad with ear-pods listening to music. The song he’s listening to is gorgeous — glimmering with airy piano refrains, reverb and glossy vocals that lifts Ev to new heights.

His performance captivates with reflective quips about striving to be his best self and working towards better days. An interlude seperates both sections of “This Time” that gives Ev more motivation to keep going. “All this Firepower you’ve got, just tucked away in the USB, bro, It’s insane it’s insane it’s insane,” his friend Brandon Quinones says. “I think you got something golden if you really let the world hear this.”

“I do this shit for all the kids in pain,” Ev cuts back in crooning. “This time I came to impress myself. I want it all, even when I fall down.” He glides over the luscious ballad’s reversed keys and vocal chops with intent and poise. An omission of drums sets the stage for Ev to shine fully on the Dexter Yu-produced cut, as the visual, directed by Cameron Nichols, is a coldly-lit run-and-gun that’s as moving as “This Time” — providing the perfect energy needed to play off Ev’s empowering aura.

As he continues to build his sound, it’s clear that the New Yorker prioritizes range above all. Capable of making bouncy R&B bangers like “Real Ones” and infectious Jersey Club hits like “Up,” his ability to slow things down and let his voice take over is truly his speciality. Each song sounds like a true story for Yvng Ev, sharpening his pen on “This Time” and the next.

Watch “This Time” below!