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Dro Kenji leaves nothing unsaid on ‘FUCK YOUR FEELINGS’

With no signs of slowing down, Dro Kenji has been nothing short of mind-boggling this past year. As all four of his mixtapes were released within eight months of each other, Kenji’s golden voice excites listeners once more on FUCK YOUR FEELINGScontinuing to prove he’s the “SUPERSTAR” he says he is.

There’s no “iffy moments” with Kenji. He’s precise, melodic and gifted with a knack for striking a chord with his listeners. With vulnerable and expressive lyrics, Kenji hits every emotional mark possible in effort to convey his innermost thoughts and struggles. The Internet Money phenom has definitely come a long way since his debut mixtape TEARS AND PISTOLS, however, Kenji has maintained his emotion-filled sound on its continuation — leaving nothing unsaid on FUCK YOUR FEELINGS.

Sitting down with Our Generation Music in February, Kenji described his mix of influences, citing Weezer, Radiohead, Young Thug and Future as inspirations for his sound. Packed with luscious synths, killer guitar licks, trademark IM pianos and bouncy 808s, FYF’s team of hitmakers in Taz Taylor, Nick Mira, Census and Cxdy have been mainstays in Kenji’s rapid development. Creating the soundscape he resides in, the South Carolina-bred star’s latest effort is full of confidence, relatability and ultimately brings forth his most cohesive project yet.

At times, he appears at the height of his power at age 18, but at others, Kenji is at his most vulnerable — melodically crooning about heartbreak, deceit and overcoming his demons. On tracks like “TRANCE,” “FORGETFUL THINGS” and “EXPENSIVE,” he playfully flexes about running through his racks, foreign cars and females, yet tells a tattered, introspective story of lost love and the baggage that follows it.

She don’t gotta remind me

I’m focused on this money, I don’t care about her whereabouts

A thot gon’ be a thot anyways

And I’ma keep on thumbin’ through this knot either way

My ex keep blowin’ my phone, oh

Can’t really hear shit over this money counter, this bitch keep flowin’

Can’t really feel shit, I’m numb to the core


In a recent interview with Earmilk, Kenji not only explains FYF’s underlying message, but also wants people to “understand that you come first in your life. That what you want to do is most important. You shouldn’t let other people’s opinions change what you really want. I want people to believe in themselves. Do you how you want to do you.”

As the album digs into more carefree cuts like “LOVE YOU MOST,” “TONGUE TIED” and “PORN BITCH,” its mix of catchy hooks and braggadocious bars lead Kenji through his constant heartbreak — intertwining his revelations about love with his personal experiences. The album’s lead single “SUPERSTAR” is perhaps the most personal, revisiting his tormenting feelings of an old relationship riddled with lies.

Gotta watch my back ’cause it’s only me

Yeah, it’s only me for the most part

I’m only used to lies

Goddamn, if was to fall in love then I’d fall real hard (Ooh)

“LOVE YOU MOST” — Dro Kenji

As the album draws to a close on the ultra-emotive “INSANE,” Kenji makes a statement by ending FUCK YOUR FEELINGS with a bang. Featuring a jolting beat-switch up with gliding 808’s, reverb piano melodies and euphoric synths, the budding superstar turns in his best performance on this mesmerizing outro, spitting brutally honest bars in perfect pop-punk pitch.

Expensive tags

I’m a rockstar baby, I want bags (I want bags)

Heart in shambles, exposed of the rib cage (Cage)

Evil bitches rottin’ my brain

This shit enough to drive a nigga mental state insane (Woah)

Let your demons out

Fuck what I feel and when you tell me that you never really cared I

Got a angel in my hair, she really tend to me tonight

I could fuck you how you want me to, but never treat you right, no

“INSANE” — Dro Kenji

After less than a year in the spotlight, making music seems to be instinctively quality for Kenji. From intuitive hooks and raw lyricism to seamless production, FUCK YOUR FEELINGS is Kenji knocking on the door of mainstream success. He’s at his most comfortable, poised and open throughout his fourth LP, unashamedly wearing his heart on his sleeve.

Listen to FUCK YOUR FEELINGS and continue to enjoy the rise of Dro Kenji.



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