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Tony Shhnow reflects on his rise through ATL’s underground on new tape ‘Reflexions’

Tony Shhnow dropped a new project this week, Reflexions — “flexing” his one-of-a-kind style to “reflect” on his journey as one of the most unique artists rising out of Atlanta’s underground scene.

Tony walks listeners through the full range of his distinct blend of styles, mixing the magnetic presence of a ‘90s R&B singer with the cool confidence and simple-yet-profound lyricism of an Atlanta trap-rapper.

Combining the chill pluggnb vibe he developed on projects like Da World Is Ours with the classic, retro feel he explores on Kill Streak 1 & 2, Reflexions is a well-orchestrated showcase of the unorthodox and hugely compelling sound that he’s developed over the last several years (across an ungodly amount of projects) — stamping his arrival as a leader of the new school.

In the leadup to Reflexions, Shhnow set the throwback tone of the project with lead singles “Keep In Touch” and “Last Chance” with Zelooperz – both accompanied by brilliantly-executed visuals from Jelani Miller, transporting Tony back to the year he was born. At just 25-years-old, it’s hard to understand how he has the means to not only recreate, but innovate on an era he wasn’t even alive for. However, he does it repeatedly and believably throughout the tape – even mastering the lost art of album skits.

Tony’s idiosyncratic cadence certainly makes for an acquired taste, adding his own Atlanta twist on the growing demand for irreverent, offbeat flows amongst cool kids around the country. Songs like “Born” and the album’s opener “Summer Off Relaxxx” are great examples of his charismatic, controlled-chaos delivery. The closing track, “Fye Up Da Kush” is another clear standout moment with its choral backing.

That said, there are also songs like “Show U” “Forgive Don’t Forget” and “Supernatural 2” which could be considered more friendly to those who have yet to acquire the taste for Shhnow’s particular style. At multiple points throughout the tape, Tony builds on the super chill pluggnb vibe he developed on some of his most popular projects – bringing back that overly calm, laidback feel with songs like “Don’t Look at Numbers,” “Finessin” and “Days Get Old.”

There are also upbeat, bass-heavy songs like “Park My Car,” “In da trunk” and “Go!” that gives fans some of the most turnt up tracks from Tony yet. In addition to the energetic feature from the viral 17-year-old enigma Matt Ox, the only other features throughout the project are from Zelooperz on the lead single and Bear1Boss on “Bape Star” – a fitting choice for another rising star in the Soundcloud branch of Atlanta’s bustling underground.

Overall, Tony Shhnow delivered a hugely entertaining tape in Reflexions, highlighting the surprising versatility of his off-kilter style and the full breadth of his impressive development over the last several years. Never one to stop and reflect for too long, fans are likely to see even more new music from one of Atlanta’s most electric rising stars before too long.

Listen to Tony Shhnow’s Reflexions below