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Yeat’s influence on the culture is completely inescapable

Photo courtesy of Yeat via IG

It’s apparent by now that Yeat isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

The Portland-bred superstar is here to stay, as his influence in music and pop culture is real, tangible and seemingly unwavering at this point in time.

The 22-year-old rapper has had one of the most profound come-ups of any hip-hop artist over the past five years. From his viral TikTok success to Billboard-charting tracks and even coining his own “Trëndi” language, his rise to stardom has become too big not to notice.

Despite plenty of his songs blowing up across TikTok and the web, he gained plenty of recognition when he was seen hanging out with Drake in 2021. Since then, Yeat’s music, lingo and image have absolutely taken off and reached unimaginable heights.

Just this year alone Yeat has made numerous Travis Scottlike marketing moves that have boosted his career to new heights. For starters, Yeat had his own Snapchat filter where users were seen with a turban and a snapback, posing like the Portland native.

His songs have also been heard on a variety of massive platforms and media outlets throughout just this year alone. Such as a French politician’s campaign video — trying to lure in votes from the younger audience. The Olympics when Armand Duplantis broke the world record in pole vault , a Dick’s Sporting Goods commercial, Alyx Studio’s fashion show and even on the soundtrack for HBO’s hit show Euphoria.

Although Yeat was all over the world and across the internet throughout this past year, his biggest break was over the summer when his song “Rich Minion” absolutely broke the internet.

The song was made specifically for the Minions: The Rise of Gru trailer, but it immediately became a popular TikTok trend after fans heard the Minion-influenced track.Even some major celebrities jumped on the “Rich Minion” bandwagon and posted videos using the viral track.

As if all this career-altering publicity wasn’t enough, Yeat made another major move with a giant company to celebrate the release of his new EP LYFË. The popular car service app Lyft teamed up with Yeat to give the public a 5% discount on their next Lyft ride when they use the code “YEATLYFT.”

Although Yeat is extremely early in what is sure to be a brilliant career, he’s been making veteran-like moves and snagging deals that some superstar celebrities may never see. His influence and impact goes far beyond music and touches all ages of people across the internet and the world.

Keep a close eye on the rising superstar as he continues to grow his massive cult fan base, shatter musical barriers, and earn himself million-dollar brand deals.

For now, check out Yeat’s brand new EP LYFË below!