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Desire Interview: ‘AACTIVATED’ will be my best work ever’

Photo courtesy of Desire

For the past year, “Pure Motion” has defined Desire‘s undoubted movement in the underground. Not only speaking on his high-powered collaboration with his older brother Summrs — who is revered as one of pluggnb’s core pioneers — the Louisiana-born emcee’s motion is hard to miss ahead of his upcoming album AACTIVATED.

While the new wave’s signature plugg-R&B fusion continues to sweep our generation’s sonic landscape, Desire has quickly become a notable name alongside those he’s pushing the sound with. Autumn!, KanKan and more have been instrumental in the genre’s success, as Desire (aka Kobe) and Summrs (Rino) are “Blood Bruddas” until the end. Looking to elevate himself from his “put-on tape” Rookie Of The Year in 2022, Desire’s last two projects Lost In Reality and ##B4ACTIVATED have held over fans itching for a sonic evolution on AACTIVATED.

“I felt like ROTY was my put-on tape. That’s when I found my own sound, and I feel like I still haven’t found it, but I’m getting there,” he told OGM host Hakeem Rowe. “I’m not comfortable right now, and I think that’s a good thing. If I was comfortable, I’d be lazy. I’m trying to stay on point, motivated and work hard. I just got new equipment… ‘AACTIVATED’ will be my best work ever.”

With humble beginnings growing up in Louisiana, Desire and Summrs have been close since birth — evidently inspiring by him to make music. “Rino had just gotten all new equipment, and I went to our momma, I was like 17, and told her instead of throwing it away, give it to me. I wanna start rapping, let me just try it.” he divulged. “When I first started rapping, Rino told me that I didn’t have to worry about not getting no streams, ‘I’m always going to promote you, but it’s up to you to maintain the fanbase.’ People are going to want to hear what you sound like.”

The pair rarely do features unless it’s with each other. Poised and potent when they link-up — as seen on “Pure Motion” — Rino and Kobe seamlessly intertwine their styles and fuse into one on tracks like “2 Lit” among others. Desire, however, leans into his singing more so than Summrs, peddling hypnotic vocal slides over hard-hitting, pluggnb-rage production — bodying the atmospheric, gritty nuances on past hits like “Sippin Drank” and “miami & clubbin.”

With “Desires” to achieve rap stardom, Kobe/SayKayB/Desire chopped it up with Hakeem Rowe to speak on his beginnings in content creation, YouTube, gaming, being inspired by his brother, his new project AACTIVATED and much more in our latest OGM exclusive interview.

Watch Desire’s OGM exclusive below!