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Autumn! is lost in love on self-produced single “You > Them (Hate It!)”

It’s been a wild year for Autumn! From the boundless virality stemming from his music on TikTok to the plethora of singles and albums he’s dropped throughout the year, the 24-year-old rapper-producer has seen his success soar.

Is it due to his consistent cadence of quality releases? Maybe a few hit songs like “Still The Same” and “One Way!” that just hit that Pluggnb sweet spot for so many? Whatever it may be, Autumn! continues to daze with his impressive versatility on “You > Them (Hate It!).

Having the prowess to produce his own music is a testament to Autumn!’s ability to encompass his own sonic universe, with this newest track being some of the upmost proof of this so far in the young artist’s career. It makes sense that he holds a whole other moniker for his producer name (TwinUzis).

An upbeat, dancehall melody and drum-and-bass percussion pattern lays the groundwork for the melodic R&B bars that Autumn! layers across the song. The rarity behind his varied approach towards rage-rap, R&B, pluggnb and the conventions of genre as a whole is on full display here, with his lyrical lust and sadness lingering as well.

Grab me some Louis, and get you some Dolce (I know that’s your favorite)

Know I said I was gon’ get you at 4:00 (But I got lazy)

We always arguin’ over the phone (I know you hate it)

I gotta leave these hoes alone, I just want my lady (Yeah, yeah)

Autumn! – “You > Them (Hate It!)”

Autumn! fans are eating this year, with this single adding to the rapper’s two albums and EP that he’s already dropped in 2022, along with a few DotComNirvan videos for Everything! and Jumpin! Whatever he has in store next, fans are surely more ready for it than ever.

Tearing apart pop and rap subgenres by the seams, Autumn! doesn’t let off the creative gas on “You > Them (Hate It!),” adding another musical milestone in the young artist’s popping career.

Listen To “You > Them (Hate It!)” Below!

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