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Autumn! drops DotComNirvan visual for “Jumpin!”

The underground’s favorite dual-identity Autumn! (also known as producer, twinuzis) dropped the eye-popping, oval-shaped DotComNirvan visual for his latest single “Jumpin!

Originally released in February, the ever-versatile Autumn turned the bass all the way up for the turnt-up “Jumpin!” Perhaps best known for his smooth pluggnb style, one of the things that separates Autumn from the pack is his command over catchy and oftentimes gentle melodies. As he says in “Jumpin!” — “It ain’t a Autumn song unless a hum in it.”

Far from a one-trick pony, his latest single reminds everyone that Wick is playing on expert at every level of the underground spectrum — and is fully capable of working a crowd into a moshing frenzy.

For the music video, Autumn tapped underground staple DotComNirvan — who put together a super eyecatching visual, unusually bound by an oval and jam-packed with VFX tightly choreographed to break the frame at key moments. In concert with the song’s booming asymmetrical bass hits, it’s also worth noting that throughout the video, Wick is rocking a brown-and-white varsity jacket — proudly repping his Victor Victor affiliation (which fans learned of in his OGM interview last year).

The hard-hitting “Jumpin!” dropped the same month as “Bentley Bentayga” — another turnt-up bass driven single. Interestingly, both follow the release of “One Way” in December — a vulnerable, unusually stripped-down track all the way at the other end of Autumn’s remarkably broad range, forgoing the normally busy electronic production to create what is essentially an unplugged, acoustic love song.

This “un-pluggednb” style (you heard it here first) also shows up in the second half of “Still the Same!,” another one of Autumn’s most popular tracks that breaks down from a catchy pluggnb tune to a near full-on ballad. Many of Autumn!’s other most popular tracks exist in a third lane: songs like “Not 3 or 2!,” “Nina!” and “No New Friends!” with Summrs split the difference between the two extremes and have really solidified his place in the emerging culture.

Autumn! is definitely one of the most versatile artists rising out of this new scene — and that’s without even mentioning his extensive track record behind the boards as a producer. With that said, the overwhelming popularity of his slower tracks proves that there is room for a variety of different sounds under the underground umbrella, and this latest speaker bumping single shows that Wick is firing on all fronts.

Check out the Dotcomnirvan visual for “Jumpin!” below