KanKan is ‘WAY2GEEKED’ on brand new album

After months of anticipation, several promotional singles like “Can’t Cap” and “hat4hat” and even the teaser EP ##B4W2G this summer, KanKan finally dropped his long-awaited album WAY2GEEKED on Sep. 30. Since emerging in the scene back in 2019 as a producer within the Slayworld collective, the 22-year-old artist has delivered a generous amount of music over these past 3 years.

On this new monumental LP, Kan flows over rage beats full of buzzing synths and vibrating 808s on tracks such as “OMG,” “New Seal, and “High Tech.” Adversely, on songs like “Fall on” and the eleventh track “Livefastdieslay ##4Kaine,” which serves as a tribute to his friend Kaine who passed away from a drug overdose, Kan delivers more of a low-key, melodic and airy flow. When employing plugg beats like these, his mumbled verses blend together perfectly with the muddy instrumentals.

I’m back on that Soldier shit, bitch, yeah, for Kaine

And this shit tatted on me, so I’m dyin’ this way

I’m livin’ fast, so you know I’m dyin’ Slay

(I’m livin’ fast, so you know I’m dyin’ Slay)

I’ma get money, uh, uh-uh-uh

Niggas keep, but this shit, yeah, for Kaine

“Livefastdieslay##4Kaine” – Kankan

The consecutive sixth and seventh songs “No Photos” and “Off Roxy” display the beloved, vintage KanKan sound, where the Dallas native raps with a groggy cadence over hard-hitting trap beats. And, for the ninth song “##RR##EFFG,” straight off the release of his recent Billboard charting album Flawless Like Me, LUCKI stands as the only feature on the album. But, what truly makes all 21 tracks on this project come together so seamlessly is Kan’s beat selection from a wide variety of different producers like Surf, 22nate, Bhristo, georgi, 1st Class and BenjiCold.

Overall, in its entirety, WAY2GEEKED showed an ability from KanKan to balance sticking to his roots with showing off his impressive versatility to listeners, old and new.

Check out ‘WAY2GEEKED’ by KanKan below!

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