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KanKan gets even on his new single ‘hat4hat’

As the new wave continues to take over the industry, Texas rapper and former Slayworld member KanKan is staying his course to close out the summer. Fresh off the release of his EP ##B4W2G, Kan is back to begin his album rollout with a bang with his new single “hat4hat.”

Using his unmistakable leaning flow, Kan lowers his voice to a whisper, contrasting the energetic instrumental with machine gun drums and heavy 808s. The accompanying music video also shows KanKan’s arm wrapped in gauze as he smokes and raps at the studio, backed by the usual assortment of dizzying visual effects.

“I’m flyin’ coast to coast, I got some money to blow
We go ho for ho, we can go pole for pole
We go rack for rack, it ain’t no cap in my rap
We go hat for hat, them niggas don’t fucking whack”

KanKan — “hat4hat”

“hat4hat” is the first single to follow his aforementioned teaser EP, as his next album Way 2 Geeked, signaling the potential beginning of its impending rollout. Anticipation has been building with his fans as the success of his 2021 single “Wokeup” pushes his music to a new audience.

Fans can expect an announcement about Way 2 Geeked in the near future as the record seemingly draws closer each passing day.

Check out ‘hat4hat‘ by KanKan below!

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